Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And the doctor said.......

Finally got the to see the doctor re my tummy and this is my story--ignore any thing that mentions cancer as I am ok there- however I do not know how to delete all the info and still make sense--

1. Barrett's Esophagus Barrett's esophagus. Barrett's esophagus (BE) leads to abnormal changes in the cells of the esophagus.
About 10% of patients with symptomatic GERD have BE. In some cases, BE develops as an advanced stage of erosive esophagitis. While obesity, alcohol use, and smoking have all been implicated as risk factors for Barrett's esophagus, their role remains unclear. Only the persistence of GERD symptoms indicates a higher risk for BE.
Not all patients with BE have either esophagitis or symptoms of GERD. In fact, studies suggest that more than half of people with BE have no GERD symptoms at all. BE, then, is likely to be much more prevalent and probably less harmful than is currently believed.
. When BE patients develop abnormalities of the mucus membrane cells lining the esophagus (dysplasia), the risk of cancer rises significantly. There is some evidence that acid reflux may contribute to the development of cancer in BE.

2. plus...
this is the second problem most likely due to the first problem--dysphagia
If the esophagus becomes severely injured over time, narrowed regions called strictures can develop, which may impair swallowing (a condition known as dysphagia). Stretching procedures or surgery may be required to restore normal swallowing. Strictures may actually prevent other GERD symptoms, by stopping acid from traveling up the esophagus. I also have neurogical problems in the muscles of the esophagus and this also has too be watch closely in case I lost my breath as I need these muscles to work when I breath-- It has a name too but I lost it some where in my head-

3. a H. hernia about 1 inch--

there is things that could be done but I told him that I am just not emotionally or physically well enough to make any decisions right now and so I will see him again on September 3 where he will explain my options. He also gave me a new prescription that should help some. My option right now is to ask for prayer. I would like to spend a joyful summer eating and with no pain. I am too thin now and need to build up my strength-- the reason I am so tired is that I am not getting enough calories due to my high metabolism and severe tummy problems .
and that is my story- and I will be back soon with another tale-
hugs from Meme who so appreciates her friends and the prayers.


Diane said...

Dearest Meme,

I am continuing to pray for you, as I know all too well the pain and suffering associated with digestive diseases/conditions/disorders. I am having surgery on July 10 to have a gastric pacemaker replaced that stopped working sometime before last Christmas. I'll tell you my story someday, but right now I know you're in no mood to hear it! Just take your meds and take care of yourself and know that you are loved an prayed for!

Many hugs........


Terry said...

what can is say dear meme except i will be praying too!...love terry

Anonymous said...

Yes, prayers are coming your way, for sure!