Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Meme's content day

  • I had a content day here both in body and mind-
  • I think I was just happy to be at the end of all the tests
  • and appointments and with results that I can live with..
  • I have been sick for over 2 years now and so
  • glad that the Lord gave me manna strength to take
  • care of dear papa
  • I did some amazing things with and for him
  • things that I could have never done on my own...
  • God is good.
  • I am not stressed with the medical results.
  • I got groceries today and it was book club -
  • last one until September
  • I did not finish the last book as it had
  • too many things in it that I do not believe-
  • and things against God's word.
  • one of our questions today was ??
  • what do we think heaven is like....
  • and my answer was that I know that it will
  • be a wonderful place because Jesus will be there.
  • I did not answer a lot of the questions
  • but when someone said that none of us know
  • about heaven so it is really up to our imagination
  • I did say that I know what God's
  • promises are re heaven and the place He is preparing
  • for me/us-- I was very careful to word the statement
  • as a witness as all the ladies do not think
  • that whole Bible is true- sigh-
  • it was a tough meeting as sometimes
  • I felt very disregarded for my belief and faith
  • but honored that I was free to speak..
  • but I know that what God says-God does.
  • we did have giggles too and I am praying
  • for those ladies to find the true Jesus.
  • I am sad that the world is rejecting
  • God and his promises--
  • Anne Frank said these words..
  • Let us keep an eye out for His beauty.
  • hugs from Meme


Diane said...

Sometimes, I wonder why I end up in the places I am and then something happens and it's as if the Lord is saying "This is why you are here. I placed you here because I need someone to speak out for Me here." I think perhaps your book club is just such a situation. I will be praying for you as you witness to these women.

I know no more about heaven than do you, only what the Word reveals to us. I do know it is the most wonderful place a human mind can imagine and even more grand than anything we can conjure in our minds. Just to be there with Jesus is all the joy I can imagine or desire.

Many hugs..........


Terry said...

you are sure right meme!
where jesus is , 'tis heaeven there!
i think that you are in a place where your life is going to be "read" by those ladies and be taken heed to.
god bless your terry