Friday, February 27, 2009

sharing a blessing

flowers for papa
spring comes late here or at least nights with no frost
we generally plant our gardens after May 15
last year as papa hubby got weaker and
finally he could only walk out
on to the balcony
I wanted to brighten the corner where he was
but it was too early for bedding plants
and I did not have time to go anywhere
to find bedding plants already in flower
nor could I even bring the planters in at night
to keep them from freezing
and I could not leave dear papa alone
so I could walk to our local stores
so I decided to do plastic flowers and
got a ride to our local dollar store and
Miss Ashley stayed home with papa
and I bought flowers in many colors
and Ashley got the scissors and
we planted the flowers for papa
he loved them- we had every color of the rainbow
and we were able to fill our planters
with joyful plastic flowers
this was one of our miracles
that God blessed us with----
the flowers are still there in the planters
and we have been blessed
with colors all winter long
-I remember the day our doctor cried
because I wanted to take papa on a trip
not long, not far but some where
and the doctor said
take him to his balcony and
let him hear the birds sing
bring the grass to him
and let him feel the earth one more time
and then the doctor
told us how sorry he was not to be
able to help papa go past our balcony
thank God for plastic flowers
and then God sent us two birds
papa made a lot of birdhouses
and feeders but for the first
time a mama bird came and made
a nest in one of papa's houses
and we would sit very quiet
as she bird and he bird
would sing love songs to each other
and the grass grew green
it was wonderful taking
trips out to the balcony with papa
it was a wonderful spring
filled with
blessings and miracles
hugs from Meme

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

pizza pizza?

pizza pizza? anyone?
the grand-kids were here on the week end
so Meme tried to make a pizza
but Meme is blond in this area
but found a dough recipe which
I could handle as I do make bread
now and then
so we made a hamburger and cheese
pizza one day and a chicken and cheese pizza
the next day-I made too much dough for just one.
.both meats were precooked
and it was just the sauce and the cheese and the meat
as we had to build with what we had on hand
our only problem was that the pizzas stuck in the middle of the pan?
have no idea why....
so it was pizza with a fork -----
now Meme has never eaten pizza- sigh-
as Meme had never understood mixed up foods--
however in order to get one child to taste Meme's cooking
I had to take a bite and make a comment
sigh- well,it was good so Meme ate the whole piece both days
this sent the g'kids into shock
as theyhave never seen pizza pass Meme lips before
and it has never happened before maybe I can do this more often
for the Miss Ashley and I
as we are not into cooking a lot
of real meals and according to some
survey somewhere at sometime
pizza can be considered a balanced meal?
could this be true?
hm-mmneed to add some vegetables
and find a non sticking pan?
we added the cooked chicken first and then the cheese
and the meat did not dry out like Meme thought
it might do.......
I need pizza ladies advice
hugs from Meme is still growing up

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I finished the corner.......:-)

I finished dear papa hubby's corner today- dusted and cleaned -sorted and tossed- kept and gave--
it is nice to be done-
this was his corner and I did not go there.........
it was his little corner of his world- and he kept it as he wanted....
.I think everyone should have a little special part of the home that is just their own space
-he cleaned out every Christmas day- but in 2007 he was already in the hospital and no strength to do it when he came home 51 days later and in 2008 he was gone with the angels-
so it was memories covered in dust.
I fixed the top shelf in memory of him and some of his special things - and then his and my keeper books are the second-
and now I will just use the other shelves for this and that of his and mine-
Miss Ashley says that it looks nice and papa would have approved-
this was the hardest area because it was so personal- as Ashley said'' he has lots of corners in heaven and has no need of a personal space here now-and because he was such a social fellow I sure he is busy singing with the angels
- I feel much better- being all done.......and we (the gal and I) both decided that we will dust it every Christmas day as a memory of tradition-
huggles - from Meme

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

cleaning up......

  • some days it seems that I spent a lot of time ''cleaning up''
  • and it made me wonder how much work I give the Lord to ''clean up''
  • I find that everyday there are dust bunnies that grow in my heart and
  • a lot of clutter.......
  • if only I could keep my heart from gathering clutterlings
  • clutterlings are those things that do not belong- things that need
  • to be taking away before they gather more dust...
  • and I know that sometimes I do not let the Lord in - to clean-
  • I hide my heart
  • I cling to the clutterlings
  • justifying that they are ''just who I am''
  • I prayer this year is that I will be organized from the inside out-
  • that little thoughts of sin
  • that grow into sin
  • will be cleared away
  • it is hard to admit that I am not all that I could be for the Lord
  • and that it is ''not all about me''
  • God's word says--
  • Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart.
  • Proverbs 21:2
  • Lord, come into my heart and clean -
  • Pray for Meme to allow her heart to be cleaned and that as the Lord
  • cleans I will not make allow clutterlings in my heart again-and again.
  • huggles from Meme

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I have started to clean out papa's corner= he had a space by his chair which was a book case but he kept many odds and ends there
it is growing too many dust bunnies now and it is time clear and clean
his area and renew the space -
it was always his space and for some reason he only cleaned it out on
Christmas day--LOL- because he used the area often, the dust did not have time to grow there..........
I found one of his notebooks where he had written down all the words that Jesus spoke- he had the verses etc- from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John- he dated the pages as he copied them and it was precious to see how much time he spent copying out the spoken words of Jesus-
He did not read well so this was an adventure of love for him to do-
- He now can hear the words spoken by Jesus and so I will tuck his dear note book in the garage for now- I find that some memories I must pack away but I was blessed to night to see this one......note book of love..
I am going to pack up a lot of his things for now and store them away until I can make practical decisions- I will keep a few things out but I do not think it is good for me to hang on to his things of this world......
He was a precious gentle-man.
huggles from Meme

Sunday, February 15, 2009


''May my meditation be pleasing to Him, for I rejoice in the Lord. Psalm 104:34

Sometimes our thinking gets away from us and we forget that our thoughts and meditations should be what we want the Lord to hear- He knows our hearts and our thoughts and we cannot hide- we must practice good and pleasing thoughts until they are become automatic in our hearts- filled with purity and good.
If we meditate on His word we will have pure and right thinking because we plant his word into our hearts-
Lord, clear my mind of hasty and careless thoughts and clean my heart that I may pleasing to you- Let your word soak into my mind.

hugs from Meme

recipe time

egg-less chocolate cake recipe
1 and 1/2 flour
3 tablespoons of cocoa
1 teaspoon baking soda
2/3 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
5 tablespoons cooking oil
1 teaspoon vinegar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup water
--*** Mix the flour- cocoa- sugar- salt and soda
- together in greased 8 by 8 cake pan-
make large hole in middle of mixture and add vinegar,
vanilla, and oil and then water
and beat with a fork until all ingredients are mixed-
--bake at 350F for 25 to 30 minutes-
serve warm with cream or whipped cream-
no need to even take out of pan - until serving

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meme's thoughts today

  • soon it will be valentines day -
  • we always had a party at school and gave out
  • valentines- we had to make a box for them and decorate
  • and then the teacher gave us marks for art-
  • I think everyone passed..........even the boy
  • who brought a used bird's nest .......
  • ************************************
  • ------------something to think about........
  • ''Love one another as I have loved you''
  • may seem impossible to do----
  • But if you trust and believe.
  • great are the joys
  • that you will receive.
  • ---How can I/you bring others joy by showing love??
  • hugs from Meme

Monday, February 9, 2009

it is all about '' D''...........

it is time to talk about the letter ''d ''in my life...
of course- my first D would be for David - the number one D in my life-
as you know so much of my David Dee I won't repeat it in this blog note
because I feel like you already know him
another D is Dogman - the dog who came to our house to stay- he is 12 plus years now and still manage the household quite well--
D is for my two daughters - 40 and 36 who live close by and have blessed me with 6 grand kids- the daughter names are Bonita and Tammy
D would have to be for doughnuts which is one of my favorite meals- oops- I mean snacks---all the better if they are chocolate coated--but no sprinkles
not sure if there are any ''dee'' fruits but if there is I do not eat them but I can still use ''d'' for dinner- when I grew up dinner was at noon and then our evening meal was supper- there are some folks who have lunch at noon and then dinner at supper time- I still have dinner at noon..
''d''is for dime- when I was a kid we had dime savors from the bank where we would save all the dimes we managed to beg off our grandpa or daddy-when had 5 dollars we took to the back and could our own savings account
oh and I remember the dixie cups that had ice cream in them- in the summer we could go to town with mom and dad and a dime would buy a dixie cup- we would sit on the side walk out side the little grocery store and eat - those were the days...
I cannot think of anymore ''d'' in my life tonight except for the ''days of my life that the Lord has blessed me with''
day by day He is the shepherd......
hugs from Meme

Friday, February 6, 2009

here for ....

  • just a few minutes as I am very tired
  • my cold is better but still have that
  • spinning head
  • I miss papa hubby a lot today
  • some days I have many strugglings
  • with him not here=
  • so my heart had no song today
  • but I know tomorrow will be better
  • I am sending this verse tonight
  • because it is my hope
  • ""When the cares of my heart are many,
  • thy consolations cheer my soul.""
  • from Psalm 94:14
  • hugs from Meme

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

blessings in my day...

my head cold sent me to bed for most of the day and now my nose matches Rudolf-s nose- so I will share my blessings here and go back to bed where I am eating crackers--------
my red gloves that I use in bed at night after putting on a good hand lotion- I leave them on for about 20 minutes and I find that this is ''a good thing'' for my hands-- they are just normal dollar store gloves- sometimes I do my feet this way too and just use ordinary socks. Lord and Savior who is leading me through the storms followed with rainbows... in my life.
my tea thermos- which keeps my tea hot while I do my computer- other wise I would drink the tea cold-I keep this off my desk but handy so that I do not have laptop tea...
a new month- February which has a nice day in the middle to remind us of loving each other- we know, enough from God's word to do this every day and it is nice to have a special day to share chocolates -
warmer weather here today- we were warmer here than Florida which is a real treat- funny how we consider a few degrees above freezing warm and another place considers that same few degrees cold...
Dogman - our dog- who does not report me for neglect when we/I forget to feed him ( I did forget until this afternoon but he was quick to forgive me)- and he is always willing to wait patiently to have his carrots peeled..
crackers to eat in my bed and the dust buster which then cleans the crumbs off the bed -----
-my old house which has been a blessing to papa and I as we shared our life together as one- the roof does not leak - the walls protect us and it is a home filled with peace and joy and Miss Ashley's stuff mixed in with Oma's stuff---
--Miss Ashley who carries a burden to heavy for her age but is still willing to carry it...... for the sake of Oma
good cleaners to clean the pans that Miss Ashley burns when she cooks and a fan to recycle the smoke--LOL
good night to all- from Meme with gentle hugs

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

it is all in my head

  • my cold - that is
  • and here I am alone with no one to whine too- sigh
  • dear papa hubby was such good nurse and butler
  • it is funny how it is the little things that I miss
  • he would make me hot water for my tea
  • and deliver all sorts of comforts........
  • well, Meme should go to bed and
  • I ask for prayer as I am in His hands
  • huggles from Meme

Monday, February 2, 2009

and under the ''c''......

it is time to turn over another letter .......
and here is a ''c''....
the first 'c' for me is CHRIST CHILD- -- where would I be today if we/I had no Christ to believe lean forgive us/me........ with out Christ in my life I would BE helpless....lost.....and hopeless but because of Christ I have hope and help and I am found...
another 'c' at our house is carrots-- not so much for me as for Dogman- he seems to think carrots are bought entirely for him - and yes, I wash them and peel them and cut them into nice little bites- he prefers raw over cooked but will gladly eat both-- so carrots are on the menu more nights than not..
a ''c'' for today is a cold as in a head cold - which means I talk funny and my nose is red and I should have took some stock in kleenex companies- this is day three so I should only have 4 days to go- I learned that if you go to a doctor with a cold it will last 7 days and if you do not go to a doctor- the cold will last a week.............
''c'' is for cinnamon which is one of my favorite smells and spices- I chew cinnamon gum and eat cinnamon candies and like cinnamon toast but I do not like cinnamon in my coffee and or tea
''c'' could be for coffee if I could drink but I have a allergy to the ground coffee which is not good that is why I drink tea......
''c'' is for chocolate - except for hot chocolate- I love chocolate chocolate but lately chocolate does not love me- apparently it is not quite as good as it should be to me - it is not good to my inflamed stomach or h. hernia- sigh- which means I am off of chocolate for a time....
''c'' could be for comma or commas but I never remember to use them in writing or I will have to omit ''c'' is for comma ...........
there are many more ''c'' blessings in my life but I think the cold has put my thinking on hold..
soon to be back and sending caring hugs, Meme