Monday, December 29, 2008


just a quick fly-by tonight
I am having a wellness day with rest
and reading one of my three books
I wanted to list some of my goals for
my new beginnings
--stay connected to God's word-
--care for my mind by filling it with God things
--be kind to my heart- - keeping it swept clean
--focus on giving of myself to others
--simplify my life
--finding balance in sorrow and joy
there are other odds and ends that I will focus on but
right now this is a start
for Meme to begin again
huggles me, Meme

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

celebrating Christmas

one more day until Christmas and YES, I still need to do the shopping- I like to go to the dollar store
for stocking stuffings for the grand children
did not do that today but I still have tomorrow
found some cute little bags at another store for 40 cents each so I will use them for stockings
it is just a fun thing for everyone
I get little things they use during the year--I save change the last few months
so that it does not come out of my
normal living-expenses-

Yes, I am celebrating Christmas- I think that as a Christian it is nice for me to have a day of celebration
for Jesus who came to give me and you eternal life- we know that it is not his real birth day as far as days go
but it is a day for us to reflect his coming as man to live here with us in order to later give His life for us-

I am not more sad about papa missing Christmas here than any other day as I miss him every day
but happy to know I have this special day to remember why Jesus came and because He came
I will see Him and papa one day.....
I do see a lot of sadness this year but it seems to be a money issue of guilt of folks thinking
that they are not giving enough - because we tend to get sucked into the world=s idea
of gifts and celebration= What we need to give is ourselves
parents could give their kids a special time for"" you ""---- often we say we have more time than money so we could
give some of our time to family and friends-just some ideas that would really bring families together
again as families :-)

Papa and I were into the thing of giving too many gifts at one time until we discovered Jesus and who and why and how
we can celebrate Him-I think it would be a honor to Him if we could keep Christmas in our hearts
every day and take and give time to our families
and friends

Have a very Happy Christmas and keep the day in your heart all year long-
Happy Birthday, Jesus

Huggles me,
Meme aka Oma

Lord, grant that I may seek to comfort rather than be comforted.(Mother Teresa)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Meme is not lost in space but

  • but I have been missing a few days blogging here
    it is just a hard month for me to be in ------------
    as it was last December when our world came tumbling down
    memories that I do not want but will remain
    with me
    as they are a
    part of our history
    I am ok other wise
    cept for our frigid weather
    we are still in the high minus below zero temps
    right now it is minus 32 with calm winds
    the calm winds are a blessing as we did
    have some very wind chilled days
    I will be back.........and will keep posting
    memories and some new memories too
    huggles me
    Meme who thinks she should move to a warmer climate

Sunday, December 14, 2008

a quote to cheer you


May you have a bright and merry week and I will be back soon-
huggles me, Meme

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

this and that-------

  • checking in - had a busy few days and I stay off the computer until evenings as I get more work done in less time :-)
  • we had a little more snow- but it was also melting today so our white world turned dirty quickly- with the sand mixed into the snow :-)
  • I saw this verse today:
  • we can use our tongue to bless others, comfort others in sorrow and spread cheer
  • or
  • we can use our tongue to curse, hurt others and gossip.
  • I also found this proverb by Anon.
  • A wise old bird sat on an oak---the more he saw the less he spoke---the less he spoke the more he heard;---Lord, make me like that wise old bird.
  • we can encourage others just by what we say and what we don't say-
  • So often I want to say what I think and do not take time to think how these words will wound or heal someone-
  • I am asking God to make me wise in what I say and when I say and how I say and why I say and where I say-- and to hear others.
  • huggles me, Meme aka Oma

Saturday, December 6, 2008



I. Thou shalt not be perfect, or even try to be.
II. Thou shalt not try to be all things to all people.
III. Thou shalt sometimes leave things undone.
IV. Thou shalt not spread thyself too thin.
V. Thou shalt learn to say "no".
VI. Thou shalt schedule time for thyself and for thy family.
VII. Thou shalt switch thyself off, and do nothing now and then
VIII. Thou shalt not even feel guilty for doing nothing, or saying no
.IX. Thou shalt be boring, untidy, and inelegant, at times.
X. Thou shalt not be thine own worst enemy.
(author unknown)

I wonder if we could follow these little rules for us - would we have more time for the Lord
and more joy----maybe we do to much doing- rather than just being-

hugs from MEME

Friday, December 5, 2008

cheese please

  • today I shut my finger in a door
  • and it still hurts.......
  • how can a tiny bump on the nail
  • hurt the whole finger
  • a good way to see how a
  • little sin of mine can end
  • up hurting the whole body of Christ
  • I know that sometimes we think that
  • our sins are our own but not always
  • sigh- and yes, we can go for forgiveness
  • and receive forgiveness but all sin still
  • has consequences that can ripple on
  • I know that sometimes it seems to me
  • that my sin is so automatic and with out
  • any thought and perhaps that is why
  • we need the word written in our hearts and
  • memories so that we will think before we do
  • I am not perfect but I must strive towards
  • perfection not for my sake but for Christ's sake
  • -----------
  • it is snowing here and everything
  • looks so white and clean
  • Dogman likes to run out into the snow
  • and make tracks all over the balcony
  • then he runs in
  • and makes tracks all over the floor
  • taking my finger off to bed
  • count your blessings and not sheep
  • smiling through an ouch
  • huggles me, Meme aka Oma

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Meme is tired -----

  • just wanted to stop by and say good night
  • the day was ok and not quite as cold as yesterday
  • but I am wore out early
  • if you have time stop by this blog
  • and pray with and for this lady
  • please do---
  • I ask because cancer is so close to home for me-
  • and I know every word of encouragement and prayers
  • blessed papa David and I so much
  • good night,
  • huggles me, Meme

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Freeze your own bread dough for another day

--sharing from an old blog= I like to do this now and then so I have some thing if the grand kids come = gives them some thing to do but with a bit less mess-- I only use the basic white or brown bread recipes to freeze so not sure how any fancy recipes would work-- --------------------------------------------------------------- hugs for you----------

Make the bread recipe all the way through the first rise, punching down and forming the loaves or rolls and placing them in the prepared pans. Now instead of allowing the dough to make the second rise, wrap it with plastic wrap tightly and place in the freezer. I take the loaf or buns from the pans once frozen and wrap well to avoid the burn----
When you want to bake, you need to plan ahead. Take from freezer, remove the plastic wrap and set out at room temperature to thaw. It will take about three to four hours for the dough to thaw and another hour or more for the dough to reach the desired rise Then just pop it into the preheated oven as directed by your recipe. (grease pans) = if in a hurry - I will set the pans on top of pan with hot water but do not do the oven raise until thawed=

The kindness you spread today will be gathered up and returned to you

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

some not sure thoughts

  • I am tired today- perhaps the weather or maybe an over do yesterday
  • it is cold and windy with bits of snow falling- the wind is what makes the day not quite so nice
  • I woke with the feeling that I must start to prepare saying good bye to dear hubby so that my heart can move on ------his death has taken so much of me away----and although I rejoice knowing that he is home with his Lord- my heart wants him back-
  • when I woke I felt on my heart that the Lord is asking me to say good bye, my poppy- until- we do meet again
  • it is just that I do not know quite how and so I pray that the Lord will show me more about this- it was not a dream but I suppose - it was that still small voice that we often miss hearing
  • perhaps I will talk more of this as the days go by here....I keep thinking's that if I can just get through December I can start the new year with a healing hopeful heart---last December was a black month for us both as it was the beginning of the end- sigh-
  • huggles me, Meme

Sunday, November 30, 2008

a bible verse for you from me

  • “[The Word Became Flesh] In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”- John 1:1-2, 14
  • thought I would share a verse with you today
  • feeling rather un done
  • so not in a blogging mood
  • have a great week and
  • see you soon
  • huggles me, Meme

Thursday, November 27, 2008


  • we already had our thanksgiving in Canada
  • it is always the second Monday in October
  • it is good to be thankful every day as we do
  • have showers of blessings even though some days
  • all we see is the hail--(smile)
  • had a hard day today so I am thankful
  • that the day is nearly over and that I
  • made it through
  • I am going to relax and read my devotions
  • take my meds and then
  • read a funny book
  • I need laughter in my life
  • Happy thanksgiving, to all my USA friends
  • huggles meme, Meme

Monday, November 24, 2008

a yuck yuck day for Meme

I just felt terrible today and kept tune with the toilet--
I know that is too much information --LOL
I did get down and did the church chores for Monday
It was a great weather day here-
We, that is Miss Ashley and I, started decorating for Christmas
We are trying to get through December with out dear hubby and
her Papa (grand dad)- he was such a good person that he is just hard
to get by with out him.
Our memories are not a sleep-- we just keep moving forward the best
way we can--Our past defines who we are-
a lonesome Meme and granddaughter=

Love is a memory--huggles me, Meme

Thursday, November 20, 2008



  • I need to take the time to rest in Him
  • so much has happened to me this last year
  • that I need my soul restored
  • it was cold here today and I was unable to go out
  • as it was such a cold wind blowing
  • so I was able to sort a few things that
  • I have been letting go.....
  • found some pictures that I forgot we had
  • and it was good to see all of us before cancer
  • came to papa David.....and a few other pictures
  • Tomorrow will be a new day where I will have to
  • return to the normal house chores which often
  • includes what I call the ''dirty dozen.''
  • one day I will write them down here in blogger
  • but they include laundry and dishes--
  • but for today I have just spent sorting out
  • some of our past.....
  • shredded some and tossed some and still kept some
  • for another day-

huggles Meme

Monday, November 17, 2008

just for today

just for today
I will do one thing at a time
I will rest in the Lord
I will weep when I need too
I will talk when I need too (madawayash) Ojibwa means chattering wind
I will be silent as needed
I will laugh when I need too
I will love as forever
I will not hate
I will not be bitter
I will forgive
I will pray with out ceasing
I will hold my criticisms
I will care and share
and I will do this today and tomorrow
again and again
huggles me, Meme Madawayash

Lord Jesus Christ, I am in a time of loneliness. It is as if I am totally alone, without anyone in the world. It is a terrifying feeling, Lord; help me to overcome it. Let me realize that I am never really alone. I am united with You -- for You are always with me. And there are many people whom You have brought into my life to help me on my way to eternity. Teach me to see that we need one another if we are to make a go of our lives and complete the tasks You have given us. Thank you, Lord

A MEME QUOTE .........

  • Sometimes at the end of a long journey and you are finally home, you can hardly remember how you got there...(meme quote)
  • -------
  • our last journey together as husband and wife began on December 12, 2007 and ended on July 21-2008
  • our journey was called CANCER and although David had the cancer in his body - it entered my life and our marriage and it changed me and who I was forever-
  • David's journey is over now and I began a new journey but it is difficult to believe that his and my journey with cancer is over--we are finally both home but we have different addresses
  • I miss David and hold him in my heart forever- I am so glad that I had him as a wonderful and faithful and loving husband-
  • remembering papa David,
  • MEME

thinking out loud..Meme

  • this is just a wee place where I share an odd thought about different things in my life
  • some happy and some sad
  • words that I have been popping in a journal
  • in my new life as a widow
  • also bible verses
  • and some quotes
  • enjoy
  • I will be here now and then
  • huggles me, Meme