Friday, January 30, 2009


today I
fell back to sleep after morning tea
I like to have my first cup of tea in bed
this is a winter treat
so maybe another month and then
spring will at least peek in and I can drink
my tea outside
went through my books in bedroom today
when the Miss Ashley moved it--
she took over my spare room
so we just put things here and there
when she came....
and of course, after a while
here and there does look rather cluttered
and this and that gets lost--so
parred to books down too so I will have
a lot to take to the church
and I have to admit I did not do many
other practical things today---
got a paper cut- LOL
so have a band-age with a helicopter
on my finger-
Ashley and I had a knock up supper
which really did not increase our health
but our happiness
I am not doing as well as I thought
I would be by now - it is almost
as if I am waking up from a long dream
so I have too re-group
so thinking of early to bed
and early to rise and see
if I can get my days organized
and also work
in some vitamins etc-
I am miss eating and I know that....
I have a hiatus hernia
which is annoying me but is
being looked after by a specialist
I am suppose to graze and eat small small meals
but of course- I need to develop
this new habit
so I am asking prayer
that I will remember to take good care of me
I know that God wants me too and papa
would too....sigh
I need to come out of the fog
I appreciate your love and comments and prayers
hugs from Meme

Thursday, January 29, 2009

a blank post or not......

a blank post.....or not:-) I was trying to come up with something to write and nearly did not-- then I was still and heard this deep in my heart.....
For me, some days are still hard.....and just going from the morning ....(mourning) the night seems like a struggle-- but only on some days-
I know that you, Lord are with me on these days as well as the good days-

I saw a little story about a widow who never over came her tragedy of her loss-She let hardness enter her heart---she was always cynical and negative=She did become lonely and stayed looking in-ward until her death. She missed much to see and so much to do -so much to hear and so much to be- Lord, keep my mind stayed on Thee and let me not think of my sorrows as my score but my blessings instead-
It's the little thingsthat are daily----that are just there-- automatic blessings -hugs from Meme

Here is a little quote prayer- but author unknown
Dear Lord,
How I wish I had been kinder-----and more patient on this day.
How I wish I had been gentler,
Had a little less to say,
Mindful of regret and sorrow,
Teach me be wiser tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

clutter to clutter..

  • I wrote this in 2006 and I think I have not changed much - in the clutter department--
  • ----------------------------
  • I am a clutter bug and have been learning to declutter. I never knew these words until I discovered the internet. It is amazing what you can learn on email groups. In fact, the word declutter is not in my spell check yet. But decluttering I will go.
  • The first thing we are always told to do is ''make a to do list.'' That sounds fairly simple. All you need is pencil or pen and paper. Some suggest notebooks and others suggest the paper is enough. I like pencils with erasers but usually use a pen. I can never find the pencil sharpener.Well, the first part is easy as I have had paper and pens in my life since time for me began. I was born with a silver pen in my mouth rather than a spoon.
  • I also have more note books than I have time. Dollar stores have such pretty ones and the price is always right. Paper is easy to make if you tear a page out of a notebook.
  • The second thing is to decide what to put on the list. This is where I start to fail. I am not a one word woman. I cannot simply put down dishes unless I put down what to do with those dishes. I need to know if I mean wash or dry or put away. And what about the pots and pans? All right, maybe I can skip the dishes for today. So then, lets try laundry- hmmm- what laundry? The whites, the colors or the bedding? Do I dry in the house or hang in outside? Forget that, we have enough clothes to wear for another week.
  • There are other things to do but so many decisions to make before I can write them down.So far the list is looking weak. Now I put down floors and then which floors? I will put down swiffer floors as that is easy to write up and check off. And I like the word swiffer. It sounds so clean and what fun it is to check the dirt when you are done. Maybe the rug too but that means the vacuum which is not nearly as much fun. Believe me, it is far too difficult to check the dirt in the vacuum every day.
  • This list making is harder than I thought.I will write down on the list to remember to make a to do list tomorrow. I am to tired from thinking to write any more today. I will just set this list down somewhere . Better yet, I will toss this list out and get a new piece of paper tomorrow. This list has too many scratch outs.
  • Hey, I found something to do. I can dump the garbage so I have a clean place to put the paper.I do this every day which does prove that I am consistent with some things and I have also made a discovery about me. I am not a list maker. Somehow this strikes me as a failure in some departments. The problem is I do not know what department.
  • I still believe in lists; just not in making them. They take me too long to do.
  • I realized that it is ok to not make a list and that God has planned me to be more in the moment. I do clean well when I buzz about like a bee from here to there and everywhere. No one has starved to death in my house and dishes rinse well in emergencies. We can wear the same pants more than one day. And swiffering is such fun and our garbage cans are clean.
  • I used to buy a lot of books that had the perfect plan for me to become the perfect woman. They never said the word 'should' on the front cover but when I read the fine print I would feel lacking in many areas. I was always 'too' something or not enough something else.
  • They said I needed to become someone else more or less to be perfect.They never mentioned that God loved me just the way I am today. They never said that perfection consists of love and laughter mixed with tears and prayer. . They never said it is ok to be different. They never told me that I was knit together by the Father.
  • They had long lists of things I could do to change me into a new pattern. And just when I thought I had it right they wrote a new book and changed the rules.
  • I have learned as God's child I need to listen to the plans He has for me. He made some of us list makers and some of us not. He will determine my needs and goals.
  • Now I am living one day at a time with Jesus as my list maker. I no longer have to have a list as one of my goals.Now I am off to swiffer the floors and maybe I will try to find a note book. First I have to make a list of things to write in my notebook. And maybe after that I will see if I can find those' how to' books and declutter them. I only need one book of lists to read. The Bible is the book for me.
  • ©McmPiesse
  • Huggles me, Marilyn Christine(Meme)
  • Shine in the corner where you are....

Sunday, January 25, 2009


  • Our weather is warmer today than the last few days
  • the sun is shining in the kitchen
  • there is something comforting about seeing sun beams
  • and my house plants are happy too
  • I did not get to church as I slept in ......
  • I needed the rest as things have been
  • hard to do with our cold weather and
  • there is much that I need to do
  • to keep the home fires burning
  • I know that the Lord is resting my body
  • I am coming out of my deep sorrow
  • of grief now..........I feel joy again
  • and God is renewing my spirit and mind and body
  • I have a dear church that understands
  • and I know they hold me in their prayers
  • grief is hard- but I do have joy in my sorrow
  • papa hubby has been gone for 6 months now
  • and I have the promise of the Lord ------
  • that the Lord is my shepherd
  • In our journey the Lord was our shepherd
  • -
  • blessing to you
  • huggles from Meme

strength for our journey

  • ********************************
  • ''The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever.
  • Psalm 121:8

Hugs from Meme

Saturday, January 24, 2009

recipe for this week--angel eggs

12 hard cooked eggs- cooled
1/4 cup grated fresh parmesan cheese-(you can use sharp cheddar cheese also)
4 table spoons mayonnaise
4 table spoons sour cream
pinch of salt- and pepper- both are optional -
Cut eggs in half - length ways - and remove yolks from eggs- cut tiny edge of whites to give flat bottom and set white halves a side-
add edges of white and yolks together and add the other ingredients-- Mash with fork until well mixed - if mixture appears dry- add a bit more mayo.
fill each egg white with approx. 1 (one) tablespoon of mixture-- and garish as desired-
(chopped fine parsley makes a nice color contrast)
you can also use recipe as egg salad for sandwiches by using all the whites in mixture and adjusting mayo-
hugs from Meme

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I wrote this for the g' kids a few years ago-- it needs to be re-written some day and proof done but sometimes I just like to leave things alone until the right time--LOL- part of the reason is this is part of the way I talk so would sound more Meme like to them- and that is my story and I am sticking to it
When we were kids on the farm when ever we wanted to get somewhere we walked. My Aunt always called walking “ going by Shank’s pony.” The nearest neighbors who had kids our age usually lived about a mile and a half away. Arrangements would be made through the parents after church or school and the day picked out by them. Of course, the day depended on the weather but as a rule we were able to go. Daddy was a good weather man and seemed to always know if the day was going to stay nice.We would leave generally after dinner and maybe because we nagged mama about leaving sooner we could take a sandwich to eat on the way- We took our cold drinks in glass jars. When we were finished drinking we hid the jars with care in a ditch- Then on the way home we would pick them up to carry home. Jars were valuable and expected to be returned in one piece. In all those years and all the trips I don’t remember Bill and I ever breaking or loosing a jar. Traveling on the way to our friends was quick and fun as we were excited to see our friends . We knew we would have a lot of games to play . It never occurred to us to ask Daddy to drive us as gas was reserved for working the fields and other farm business. The business from the farm was taking the cream and eggs to town once a week.We nearly always had a good time and there were few arguments at our friend's house. We played outside and the other mother would send us on our way home at the right time. She knew how long it would take for us to walk home in order to be there on time. There were no phones to check in with or beg to be allowed to stay longer.. We usually left with a cookie or two to fortify our return trip.It was a slower walk home as we were usually tired from a hard day’s play. We knew how to make games up to play on the way home and to help make the walk go by faster. We always got home safely and generally on time. We knew it was wrong and unkind to worry our parents. One rule we had was we were not to take a short cut across any one’s field- In the spring , there would most likely be some one’s bull stored there. Bulls in the spring time do not care what color you are wearing- LOL-Then as summer progressed it was either a grain crop or hay field . Good manners as farmers, kept us from trampling through the neighbor's crop.And if we stayed on the path the neighbors could watch for us coming and going and mama would be watching for our return. -Sometimes mama would have time to walk part way and meet us. She was ready to hear any news the neighbor lady sent via us. Bill and I never got lost as we knew the safe way to go. We walked on the right side of the road which was/is the left side . Cars would slow down when they passed us and we always waved. We did not get to go often as we were needed on the farm for chores. Daddy had the fields to work and mama the garden and we had daily chores that had to be done.
God has a path for us to follow and we need to walk on the path that He has prepared for us. He has given us Christian friends to watch out for us and parents and teachers. We can not follow directions when the map is closed. We have the bible to show us the way but we have to open it and read.And there are no safe shortcuts to take.If we open our hearts and our Bibles we will find the right direction.Isaiah 28:10 says “A rule here, a rule there. A little lesson here, a little lesson there.
When we have a listening heart we will be on the right road. We will get home safe and on time. We will know what the rules are to keep us on the safe path. -huggles me, Meme

Monday, January 19, 2009

tears in my heart

  • God seems to have a mission me that I really do not want
  • I am sure am not the first person to say this
  • when God gives a burden of the heart
  • ------------------------
  • I just keep finding blogs with folks who
  • have cancer and it breaks my heart
  • I thought when papa hubby died that
  • I would be cancer free
  • I can only give prayers but some how
  • some days that does not seem enough
  • I know when papa was here we
  • always talked about how he lived with cancer
  • but really the fact was -that he was dying
  • and yet I remember how much hope
  • we had and I do not think our hope
  • was in vain because our hope
  • was in the Lord
  • now I pray for others to have that hope
  • because although papa did not remain
  • here with us
  • he is with the Lord which is his gain
  • and so I pray and give others
  • my tears
  • because even with my tears
  • I still have hope
  • I know
  • that the Lord is my shepherd
  • I remember how many days
  • that was all we had to cling too
  • that was our hope.....
  • so cancer did not win

hugs and prayers from Meme who understands the hope of cancer

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mama and Scratch

  • I grew up on a farm which was always described
  • as out west.........(Alberta)
  • mama did all the baking
  • and we never saw a ''mix''
  • she baked all the bread for the week
  • at one time--usually 6 loaves and
  • a pan of buns and a pan of cinnamon buns
  • on birthdays I had a white cake
  • and brother Bill had a chocolate cake
  • and we always knew that we would
  • have a cake
  • mama did not bake cakes often
  • just birthdays including one for daddy
  • her sister- known as auntie Sis
  • baked one for her and we got together close to the day
  • birthdays were celebrated often of the sabbath
  • as the actual day was committed to the farm and the weather
  • she did make cookies - generally oatmeal with raisins but
  • never chocolate chips ............
  • and of course, all baking was done in a wood stove
  • she would stick her hand into the oven
  • and knew if the temperature was right
  • only certain wood was used when she baked
  • as some trees gave off a more steady heat
  • than others
  • and daddy always brought in the baking wood
  • which was kept away from the everyday cooking wood
  • even when mama got the electric stove
  • with the new house she still baked from scratch
  • she tried a few mixes but soon nixed that idea
  • claiming that they were not correct in texture ----etc
  • and she could bake cheaper with her own recipes
  • she often did make a ginger cake recipe
  • for a fine sabbath desert --
  • I wish I had more of her recipes but
  • they stayed in her head rather than on paper
  • she did collect recipes but generally stayed
  • with what she knew
  • I miss her special baking and I have
  • never tasted bread like hers......
  • hugs from Meme

who is Meme?

who is Meme?
well, me of course but how did I get the name
when I was first on the net I just used my name - Marilyn
but then I went on a group of ladies where
there was another Marilyn
and this lady sent in jokes
that I did not want my name connected too
even by accident so I went to using Marilyn Christine
which worked somewhat but then folks
started to shorten my name to MC which
for me was not a good thing- but
being a pleasant sort of gal
I never corrected anyone or
told them I just did not want to be MC
now as you know ''our Miss Sidney
spent quite some time with papa and I
a few years ago while her mommy was working
and when ever Papa would call out''
who wants ice cream- Miss Sidney said
me and then I said
me-me --LOL
so after a while she would answer for me
and say me-me does too
and so I sort of adopted the name
by accident and finally became
assertive enough to ask the name
shorteners not to use MC but that they
could use meme--so I became Meme
here at my house I am now
the only one who calls me --meme
the g'kids call me Oma except Miss Sidney
who walks with her own beat of the drum and
calls me Nana
I did not even know there was a word for me-me
I just took it for me and left the dash out
now I know that meme means grandma
and also something else on the net
to do with questions or something of that sort
I did google in once upon a time
but memory of the meaning
passed away from my mind
Papa David called me Oma and honey and
many other sweet names
close to his time to leave
he always called me Oma or to the nurses
my wife who knows what I need--
he took new no pills
with out making them consult the wife
because I called papa --papa a lot
I did sign my name as papa's wife
as new folks were confused
thinking I meant my dad....
so that is sort of who I am now
Meme and you can call me that
any time you need too
as it really means to me- me too
and not age- it is an inter-net identity, of sorts
and saves typing for me and you
and you can call me Marilyn Christine too
but not MC although I would still answer
I hope I did not confuse anyone
and you will see this was a fun name
that took on my life as my own
and was all caused by eating ''ice-cream'
hugs from Meme aka Oma and Marilyn Christine

Friday, January 16, 2009

a recipe and a note

We had a great weather day here with sunshine and melting snow-
I have had a rather - sigh-- I am sharing a recipe and will be back soon-- I send hugs and prayers-
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter, room temperature
3/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons (light) molasses
2 egg
s2 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon cinnamon
3/4 teaspoon ginger
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup whipping cream/or half and half
3/4 cup boiling water
Preheat oven to 350°F.Butter and flour 9x9x2-inch pan.Using electric mixer, beat 1 cup sugar and butter in large bowl .Beat in molasses, then eggs -1 at a time.Sift in flour, baking soda, cinnamon, ginger, and salt; beat until blended. Beat in 1/4 cup cream, then add 3/4 cup boiling water and beat to incorporate. Transfer batter to prepared pan. Bake cake until tester inserted into center comes out clean, about 45 minutes.
Cool cake in pan on rack *
*******--Take a moment to enjoy the day and be a blessing-
*JOYQUOTE "On cable TV they have a weather channel – 24 hours of weather. We had something like that where I grew up. We called it a window." - (Dan Spencer )

hugs, MEME

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a snow day,,,,,,,,

  • we got more snow to shovel and the day was cold and windy
  • I stayed in and took a snow day of rest
  • and I decided a bath was in order
  • and then curled my hair-too
  • I used to spend much time
  • and fuss on the curling
  • but now I use the velcro rollers and
  • divide my hair with my fingers
  • the curlers look silly nilly
  • sitting here and there on my head
  • but when done my hair has a more relaxed look
  • I am working on
  • finding more simple ways
  • to do things in my life
  • I feel simplicity must include
  • a better use of my time
  • I find too often I come to the end
  • of the day exhausted from
  • just doing ''things'' and
  • then I postpone devotions and/or
  • pray in haste or not at all
  • my prayer for me
  • is to learn to spend
  • quality time this year
  • with the Lord
  • I need to be busy for Him and
  • it is time for me to slow my pace
  • and find simplicity in the chaos
  • of life
  • -------------
  • God, teach me to be patient with me
  • Teach me to find ways to be slow---------
  • Teach me how to wait on You
  • Teach me the right way to go-
  • hugs Meme

Monday, January 12, 2009

not yet......

  • my head was all set to do the simple day book but
  • I keep feeling a check in my spirit
  • and after answering the list in my head
  • I realized that this is not the right time
  • I am not healed enough to consider tomorrow
  • or a whole week and/or even today
  • I know that sometimes I run far ahead
  • of the Lord
  • and fall into things that I am not ready for
  • so I decided to pray and I clearly feel
  • that I should wait.......
  • there will be a time but now it will be in His time
  • I know that the Lord wants me to be
  • an encouragement to women. wives, mothers
  • to help them be keepers of the home/family
  • because the most important business
  • in this world is the family... and
  • women need to stand beside each other
  • I know that I am a widow now but
  • I am still a mom and a grandma and friend
  • and I almost hate to say this--LOL
  • an older woman who can share encouragement
  • and if I can help other women
  • in their roles and their faith in God
  • then I need to be doing that first
  • I can have simple day blogs
  • at another time if the Lord is willing
  • for me to do them
  • and if through that arena I
  • can find a way to encourage
  • other women to be the best
  • of what God wants them to be
  • and not as society dictates
  • then God will show me the right
  • time and the right thing to do
  • --------------------------------------------
  • well, must be off of here now
  • as I have to check out the kitchen
  • etc etc-
  • this almost sounds like a
  • sound-off (smile ) but it is not meant
  • to be such and
  • it is from my heart
  • hugs Memeakaoma

Sunday, January 11, 2009

help?for simple womansdaybook---

I would dearly love to do this lady's day book but I am not sure how to link to her on my sight- I put this link in now but not sure if I am doing this correctly so I will have wait and see what is what
if anyone knows how to do the link back please let me know--
hugs Meme

Simple thoughts from Meme

have you ever noticed how your mind can wonder away
from good thoughts
oh, please tell me that I am not the only one-!
one thing I committed to this year is to toss
the sale fliers that come with our local paper
what I do not see- I do not crave
or think that I might need when
in reality if I do not have it now
chances are I am not in need
0f having it tomorrow -------
I do check the grocery fly-er from
one of our two groceries stores
and that is how I plan the meals for our week
which reminds me that I sent
the boy who is a friend of the
grand daughter who lives with Oma
to the grocery store and he did well
he kept the whole list in his head--LOL
and did not stray off the list by accident
but one thing I noticed when I put
the groceries away is that
he dented the milk that came in
a plastic jug
how does one dent milk?SMILE
only a boy would know-
the good news is there is no leak
and I did not ask or complain.........
papa hubby's cancer taught
me that there is a lot of small
stuff that we can panic or sweat about
that has nothing to do with having
a happy home....
I saw this wee poem about stuff
''stop wishing for the things
you complain you have not
and start making the best
of all that you have got....'' (unknown)
I have decided to start
using my blessings instead
of storing them for the perfect day
so yes, now I am using my special teacup
every day now
I see that I did rather wonder
off and on from my first topic again
but sometimes that is
a good thing..
huggles from OMA/MEME who will explain my names another day...


  • I am up late or is that early ?
  • it just turned midnight
  • ___________________________
  • knowing that God is with us
  • whether it is
  • day or night is a blessing
  • ''God's blessings''
  • are always here,
  • within our sight
  • and so
  • no matter when
  • day or night---''
  • we can
  • take time to see and hear
  • and appreciate
  • our blessings
  • huggles me, Meme

Friday, January 9, 2009


I am tired this week and just cannot seem to get up to speed. I think my body is finally saying: take time out to rest and just be- for over a year I have been set on go.....
and also my grief has been hard work- both for the body and the mind. I was never prepared for such a deep pain and sadness and there is no way that I could be prepared- I knew from the beginning of the cancer until the end of the cancer what the out come would be........and yet- I got up every morning with the anticipation of helping papa hubby through another day- I gave him joy - hope- and love- because that is what I felt too-
I did not prepare my self for papa to die but for him to live-- because that is what was the right thing to do at the time- it was not about me, but about him- and now I believe that the Lord is saying-- now it is time for Meme to heal.....
My grief is changing now- to a rest and renewal- I feel like I am just sitting at the feet of Jesus with nothing to say- just laying my head on his knee and soaking in the realization that He cares enough to just let me rest in Him-
I will ask for prayer as this too is new for me- to just stop....
There is much for me to do but it will wait -
I thank you for praying - with hugs from Meme

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A NEW DAY.......

  • it is good to know that after the night
  • comes a new day
  • so often we carry our burdens
  • up and down and
  • back and forth
  • from day to day
  • and through the night
  • instead of putting them down
  • we all have burdens and
  • it is when we lay them
  • down that the Lord
  • can pick them up
  • when we try to hang on
  • and carry them alone
  • He can only wait.....
  • Lay your burdens down
  • and remember that tomorrow
  • will be a new day
  • for you to rejoice and be glad
  • Father, thank you for all You
  • have given me and for all that You
  • have not given to me
  • for all the good times I have had
  • and for all the good times to come
  • thank you, Amen

huggles Meme

Monday, January 5, 2009

sick leave

  • sorry I was unable to blog lately
  • as I was sick and tired
  • but now feeling like normal
  • will return soon==
  • I will just share with you
  • my other blog that I write
  • about life as a widow
  • and will be back soon
  • hugs Meme
  • ---------------------
    As I talk about my new year I must say
    that I am not talking of joy as the world sees joy and
    instead I am choosing to start restoring my
    I will still be in grief for papa hubby
    and I will still mourn
    and none of those blessed feelings I had/have for him will change
    I will simply follow the Lord 's timing
    in the restoration of joy that He has for me
    I know that the Lord needs me in a ministry
    for Him
    my ministry was in encouragement and
    cheerfulness of life
    and I do not feel that is to change
    at this time
    and so
    I need to start to rebuild my broken world
    no- it does not mean that Meme
    will be a party girl or
    be a pollyanna ( always looking at the bright side)
    or anything of the world's fake joy
    I know that it will be a struggle
    and some days I will fall down
    but I know who will pick me up again
    I know the Mastor's voice
    I will find joy in tears and in laughter
    like today....
    - I was using papa's flashlight
    that his friend gave a few years ago
    you shake it up and down
    and it gives you light
    and I noticed that it is called
    Eternity Flashlight and I was
    immediately reminded of where David is
    and also gave me a laugh when
    I realized he did not take with him-
    I think my restoring joy will be like
    the flashlight- it will need to be shaken
    up and down before it will work
    I found this little saying
    from an unknown author
    which I will share tonight
    Grief is not a mountain to be climbed,
    with the strong reaching the summit
    long before the weak.
    Grief is not an athletic event,
    with stop watches timing our progress.
    Grief is a walk through loss and pain
    with no competition and no time trials.
    double Hugs from Meme