Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dogman with papa

Dogman has been sick off and on with his Cushings and the last two days were too much for him
and his kidney's stopped filtering the water he was drinking which meant his blood was getting no water and I
took him to the vet but there was nothing she could do but gently send him to papa hubby- He was so weak
and just went to sleep with a calming drug - she knew he was dying so we sat in a special room togetherand he slipped away-He seemed content to be with me - He would have been 13 tomorrow- he is being cremated privately and will come back to us in a pretty cedar box- with his name on and '' thanks for the memories.'' I am ok as ok is for me right now
and my little bird was bit by a bee and died 15 minutes afterwards so today is not a good day here=
huggles me who has a sadder heart tonight-

Monday, September 28, 2009

the letter O

I rather got behind on letters so will now just think about O
I will just do letters when I can....of course, there are Oreo cookies which most folks love but I haveto admit I do not- and there are oats which take part in our daily lives in
cerels and breads- cheerios with honey :-)
but for me right now is the word OH
=it often prefixs( is that the correct thought) my words
like oh no---which was one of my first thoughts about this cancer
and of course- my prayer- Oh God, help me- this was my cry
this week end and I know that He is with me and although I cannot see what He is doing right now, I can feel His presence-so often, David of the psalms cried out to God and God heard and we
know when we cry that we are heard.My other prayer is that God's will be done
even though there will be days and times that I/wedo not want His will...........I am sure there are other O words but as I am winging it tonight.
I will leave you with this thought-Oh God, thank you for leading me this far.........

Friday, September 25, 2009

Meme has bad news

I had to go to the doctor for him to check the biopsy site for infection or problems- that part is ok but the first of the results are in and I do have cancer- they do not know where it is originating from at this time and they do not know if it is good or bad- I have to go to the cancer clinic in the city and also have ct scans done asap- there is no doubt about the lump containing cancer but the problem is why?? once they know the origin it will be easier to make plans of what the chemo will be and if there will or will not be surgerythat is all I know today-- I am stunned and do not really know what to say except pray for me- I will weep today- then have a good week end and begin the battle on MondayI will tell you whatever I know when I know itI cannot say anymore right now as this note hurts me to have to tell you my sad newsI love you- friends
from Meme

Monday, September 21, 2009

home from biopsy

i am home- the test was quite pain free but oh my, now it is so painful re my left side - face- etc- took some pain meds and must do nothing for a few days- no reports for 10 days as they have to do extensive testing- and we will go from there-i am very tired so I will go to bed again- I will blind copy to groups== they did 7 different needle tests and I swear each needle got bigger but he did it with the ultra sound so he knew where to go----------thank you for praying
loving thoughts from me and gentle right arm huggles

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How is Meme?

  • I am feeling better this week and I have been catching up on odds and ends
  • but slowly so I do not tire -------------
  • the weather had been wonderful and I get outside except
  • in the hot hours as heat is hard on me--
  • so mornings and evening are nice for me to sit out or
  • do a few yard things...........
  • taking walks every day
  • and the biopsy is till on Sept- 21
  • so I will have things in order so Ashley can mess it up--LOL
  • she is like a whirl- wind looking for a place to land,
  • she always has been-
  • you always know she is here when she is here-(wink).
  • Thank you all for praying
  • it keeps me going at this time
  • huggles from Meme

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the nappers

  • had to take Miss Ashley to the doctor for another foot sprain
  • she had sprained the main muscle in her foot so time
  • will be the healer-------she tends to fall of her foot on one side
  • we waited for 10 days to see if it would go away on its own
  • and now we know that it will so that was good news and she
  • will just have to limp through it for a few weeks---
  • then we went out for supper together with no boy who
  • is a friend and no Dogman begging eyes---and then
  • we walked home and both had a nap..........
  • the doctor checked the lump and it has grown larger
  • which means it shows now and is annoying the neck muscles
  • but he could still give me no answer as we have to wait
  • for the biopsy on Sept. 21
  • I am going back to the shepherd and letting Him lead
  • sometimes I forget who is in charge.......and I want answers NOW
  • but God knows and yes, it is another journey but
  • I am not alone--
  • I am hoping to get over the being tired so that I can get on with some tales-
  • good night and God bless every one and thank you for praying
  • your prayers hold me up
  • huggles from Meme

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I am ok,,,,,,,

  • I am ok but tired and weary
  • and also have found a health issue
  • about 4 weeks ago I noticed a lump on my lower neck
  • and in a few days it got bigger so
  • off to the doctor
  • so far I have had x rays
  • and then blood tests
  • and then ultra sound
  • and now on the 21 of Sept. I will have a biopsy
  • I feel ok about this but being so tired
  • this has added to my load
  • I am keeping the faith and
  • just trying to take things one day at a time
  • the tummy is still an issue and that appointment
  • is not until October 8
  • I have been eating better as I want to be strong
  • for the biopsy ( it is a lymph node)
  • so I just have to try to overcome the stomach pain
  • but as we all know
  • when one has chronic pain
  • it does take a lot of energy to keep
  • going and going=
  • I will be back soon
  • I just to weary to think out tales
  • loads of love
  • and huggles
  • from Meme