Sunday, June 14, 2009

Silent Sounds

  • most days now my house is silent-
  • and as I listen.....
  • I can hear the silence.
  • I no longer hear the sounds of two
  • hearts beating together.
  • I remember the last days with papa hubby
  • and how I would lean against his chest
  • to hear the pitter patter of his heart.
  • it was the sound of hope.....
  • it was the last sound I heard papa speak
  • and then last time I listened
  • all I heard was the sound of silence.
  • He had left this world as quiet as
  • the angels who came to take him home.
  • I hear that silent sound now..........
  • and I miss his sounds......
  • and yet, I feel the sounds in my heart
  • and I know that on the day that
  • the sound of silence came to me
  • that the bells in heaven rang.
  • huggles me, Meme


Terry said...

oh heart moving!
when you said that you would lean against papa hubby's heart and hear the beating of his heart, it made me think of john, one of the disciples whom jeaus loved, leaning on the bosom of jesus.
just to think that papa hubby must be doing that very same thing now in heaven!
again, it is easy for me to say this to you meme, but i really wonder if i could tell my own self this if bernie ever went to heaven before me..
god bless are a gentle soul terry

Sharon said...

What a beautiful,beautiful post Meme.Love~Sharon