Friday, May 29, 2009

surviving cancer

  • I am following some women on blogs
  • who are fighting and surviving
  • breast cancer.
  • I had a mammogram yesterday and I am sure that all is well
  • as there were no indications of problems but it was my time...
  • it was not too bad to have my cups turned into saucers
  • I notice over the years so may improvements in the
  • way the mammogram are done that it is so easy and
  • almost pain free- and the wee amount of pain is worth
  • the knowledge of knowing how you are doing.
  • and it takes very little time, so " no time '' is
  • not an excuse.
  • My grand daughter asked me about mammograms today
  • about when she should have one?
  • of course, she has many years to go before
  • she needs to have a mammogram but I got
  • a chance to tell her how to check her breasts
  • and that she should be checking
  • at least once a month
  • and what to look for--
  • I gave her some web sites that are good for
  • showing her what to do and in pictures.
  • so the mammogram that I had was worth it
  • to me and to her as it opened a door.
  • Ladies- go have your mammogram if it is
  • past due.
  • Do it in honor of the ladies fighting breast cancer.
  • and do it for your family. It is a good thing.
  • and even though death ended papa hubby's
  • cancer journey; I feel we both were cancer survivors.
  • --hugs from Meme


Anonymous said...

What an important post! It is so true - get your mammogram. And while you are at it, get a complete physical - the key to survival with cancer is early detection!

Terry said...

dear meme,
this is a good thing that you are warning ladies to get mammograms.
one day a few years back, on my answering machine someone dialed a wrong number.they were reminding the lady that they called that her mammogram appointment had been made for such and such a date.
i thought i had better call the nurse back and tell her she got the wrong number and should phone the girl where she lived.
in the meantime i said to the nurse.
i guess a mammogram is important...maybe i should make an appointment for i did meme, and now with your warning, i guess i had better make an appointment for myself again!
i wonder if the pace maker i got almost two months ago will make any difference as if i can have one or not...i think i will google it.....

have a blessed lords day tomorrow are helping and encouraging so many terry

ps bernie is always warning other guys to make sure and get their PSA test for prostate cancer.
bernie has it but he got the test in time and his number is 6.3.
it has gone down and so the doctor gives him a PSA test every four months.
Thankfully it is free now in Ontario...

Denise said...

Thanks for the reminder. I'm getting to the age when I probably need to schedule one.

I'm glad to hear yours was good & mostly painfree.