Saturday, June 20, 2009

speechless thoughts

  • papa hubby's daughter called tonight- (my step- daughter)
  • she has not called me since papa's funeral day
  • I knew why in my heart
  • and I cannot call her as she has no phone
  • she is staying at her daughter's right now
  • so finally found courage to call
  • she had gone back to the cocaine and
  • was too ashamed to call...
  • sigh
  • my heart knew that --
  • she is 48 and lives with abusive man
  • but he supplies ---------
  • sigh
  • it was hard to talk to her for most of the 48 minutes
  • that we talked as right now she is
  • off the drug but not really in her mind-----
  • I cannot save her
  • I can only pray
  • I have to sound cold as I cannot
  • let her into my life
  • nor enable her behaviors =
  • I think that hurts more .........
  • to know that some one who loves you,
  • and some one you love----
  • you have to let completely go.......
  • I do not know when I will
  • hear from her again
  • so I have to give her to the Lord.
  • Pray for Barbie
  • hugs from Meme


Linda said...

I'm sure she knows how you feel. You know the kindest thing is not to enable her. Prayer is the best thing you can do for her. Does she know the Lord? Linda

Terry said...

dear meme...just want to thank you for your kind comments for my dad.
i read the comments to him this afternoon.
for the last year he has become so softened.

my baby sister, karen went through the same thing as your step daughter.
she was a runaway at the age of 13 and caused my parents so much heartache. she is 43 now and has slowly gotten back but just this christmas, her abusive boyfriend who is taking cocaine roughed her up.
now betty opened her home for karen and she lived there a couple of months and then got her own place but now, sad to say, she is going out with that guy again.
i think that you are right meme.
only prayer can change this situation that your dear step daughter is in.
of course you love her but you are right be careful..god bless terry