Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am not lost but just trying to do what I can- here is a short Meme note and I will be back soon.****************-

I did get rid of the garbage that I got out for our sanitation man and now I have another bag for next week- if only papa hubby would have collected stamps--LOL but he was a wood crafter and a rock hound and every thing he had weighs a lot-plus I have a hairline fracture in my back and so I have to rethink everything that I do.

yesterday was the eldest daughters birthday and I gave her a gift from me plus I gave her a beautiful hand made mug that she gave her dad when she was around 4 years old. A sweet sorrow gift but I know it means a lot to her and also the fact that her dad used it for over 35 years. my friend make it and papa used it to store his bills etc for the month for all those years.

and so yes. I continue on ...........and I will skip the toss list.

huggles from Meme- today a year ago is the day that my husband left our home for good to go into pallitive care for the last time
- I am glad I have been able to let go of his things now- it is a bittersweet day but it is also a blessing for me as it releases my attachment to his things. I miss him.


Terry said...

i know you miss him are a gentle soul and i think by the sounds of it, papa hubby is too.
that is the nicest gift you gave to your daughter, a precious treasure from both you and papa hubby.
i am so glad to know you and diane and crown of beauty....three of the lord's special ladies who he has perfect confidence in, because if he didn't how could he have ever trusted you with such a burden of having to sa farewell for a little while to your husbands...yes you three are very special to the lord and to us who have the privilege of being your terry

Terry said...

dear meme,
i have been thinking about you tonight, just thinking about fathers day,
i know that you will be sad and still missing papa hubby dear sister...and i will be thinking of you.
i put a post on for my own dad for fathers day.
it would be a sad day indeed for mom golden and all of us children if dad golden says no for the last time to jesus who really wants to save him.
he is 82 years old meme and the days are getting shorter!
please pray for him meme....thank terry

PS his own mother was not saved until she was in her 70's.