Sunday, July 26, 2009


  • Here I am-------

  • I took last week off from most things

  • including the blogs

  • last week was a nice but bitter sweet time

  • July 21 was papa David's graduation date for eternal life

  • July 23 was his earth birthday- he would have been 70

  • July 25 was his memorial date for his funeral

  • so it was a week of memories

  • I did put a ''in loving memory- piece in our local paper

  • I did it for me to help in healing the tendar scars

  • I know he is fine and worshipping his Lord

  • and

  • we have had a heat wave and

  • living in Alberta means we do not have air conditioners

  • as we only need one about 1 week a year...

  • so I have been getting up early to do chores

  • and then resting and reading in my room

  • I do not tolerate sun shine and high temps well

  • I am not used to it so it saps me dry

  • but I know winter is coming- again so I

  • appreciate the hot days now

  • blessings to you all and I will be back in gear asap

huggles from Meme

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Miss Ashley news

Miss Ashley now has her learner's permit and can learn to drive- she is so excited as this was a hard step for her- she had dreamed of her papa teaching her to drive and when he got sick and then passed away- she would not consider the test or any thing to do with driving- I have been encouraging her but also supporting her feelings- I understood how she felt--------and the other day she went and took the test..........and now has a learner's permit- she has a few lessons from an instructor also and he is very encouraging man as he knows why she had to wait;;;she wants me to tell you the good news she has!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and I finally realized that it means a lot to her that my friends know our news - she keeps asking what my friends said--LOL

I am so proud of her------- The picture of papa and her at her graduation- papa's last outing ...........

huggles me, Meme

Friday, July 17, 2009


  • getting behind in the blog world

  • we have had some days of sunshine

  • and a wee bit hot for us-

  • so just enjoying the that summer time feeling

  • I will just share some pictures for now

  • and catch up another night

  • i am ok but that is all I can be for now

  • I just need to get through next week

  • as it has many remembering days

  • ashley likes taking pictures of the leaves close up- see the heart ?
  • hugs from Meme

Monday, July 13, 2009


  • Ashley helped me down load more pictures today so now I know what I am doing---
    these are old pictures taking before papa went home with the Lord
    there are pictures from his camera and also from mine- I just left them where they were
    when he died but now it is time for me to take some new ones for me and you.
    we each our camera as he often had a camera with him and of course- we swapped too-
    some I have just deleted as they are not good- like the one of my 3 fingers only-LOL
    so I will share pictures more often-
    right now I am supposed to be making supper for Dogman and me
    but I wanted to send this one picture off before I do that=
    I will come back tomorrow and share some and then share as time goes by
    this is papa David before cancer and how I need to remember him- I was blessed to find this picture today as sometimes to see him just the way he was-
    hugs from Meme

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

busy bee

  1. Meme is just flying by .......tonight. It is cool here but no storms.
  2. No time for tales but I had a good day but it just flew by
  3. I got to the grocery store and the bank too
  4. now tomorrow is a paper pile day aka pay those bills
  5. I cannot give kitty from yesterday away as he is a visitor
  6. I have not seen him lately so maybe he moved
  7. but now we have a new kitty visitor who is black and white-
  8. the bird has a lot of visitors these last few years and so far
  9. has not had any problems with his visitors aka kitties
  10. I will come back tomorrow with a thought or two
  11. huggles from Meme

Meme is up late.......

  • the tow man came and took the trailer out of the yard- and so now I have a new space to look at-----he was so nice and refused to take any money as he said that papa hubby did a lot of little things for him.. That was such a blessing for me.

  • we had sunshine this morning and then rain and storms and we were on tornado watch again but all is well now.

  • did a few too many chores around the house and now my shoulder is cross and so am I- LOL

  • I will close for now and talk to you all tomorrow.

  • Remember Jesus is every day.

  • huggles me, Meme

  • the picture is saying that we can still be friends even if we are different ............

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

sunshine and clouds....

We got our rain and brother farmer says that he got enough - we have no puddles hanging around as we were so dry--------we did not get some of the thunder and lightening that other areas did- we have had storms pass over today but no more rain.Papa hubby's friend stopped by to help me clean out the old trailer which will be going to the dump- we were using as a storage shed but now it have lived it's day and needs to go out to pasture. We did have fun trying to guess what some of papa's plans were in regards to some of the items.We do make plans and we do have hope and we do not think about the day when the Lord calls us home. We need to be ready for that day- because it is quicker than a wink- and there are no do-overs.When we were told that papa hubby had terminal cancer in stage 4 plus we both remembered God's promise in John 3:16. We were prepared and so all papa hubby had to do was hang for the ride. And it was quite a ride for both us. It was the best times and worst of times.I remember so well my David's last morning and laying beside him thinking how will I know when he goes with the Lord and I remember the sweet presence of the Lord in the room and how there were no words left for us to say.I kissed him good bye as I was going home to change clothes(I would walk the 4 blocks home - change and return ) and he moved his cheeks as he had no energy to speak. I always laid my head on his chest and would say pitter patter pooh- I love you. I got ready to leave (which was only a minute in our time)and went back to kiss him good bye again and when I laid my head on his shoulder he had already slipped away - He was calm and peaceful and silent and I am so glad the Lord gave us that gift together alone. We did not have to say good-bye.I do miss him but I would not ask the Lord to bring him back to this earthy world where sin has entered in and where stuff turns to dust and rust. Missing him is worth it because I have the joy of knowing where he is and who he is with.

huggles me, Meme who according to her spell check as made no mistakes--LOL but the punctuation is ---the picture is of the tornado that touched down about 24 miles north of Meme


It is raining here today which is what we need--and so our rain is an answer to prayer.
God's blessing helps the earth grow our food and keeps us continually blessed. So often, we want to have only the sun-shine but if there are no storms we would not see our rainbows.
I feel like I am in midst of another storm right now as time is getting closer to the one year that my dear hubby has been gone- It seems like only yesterday that I held him in my arms and sang the song telling us that Jesus loved him. He loved Jesus too and had a personal faith that comforted him as he walked in the valley of death. Death came but could not steal him as his death was his victory in Jesus.
I know that the sun will shine in my heart again and that the rain will help me grow- and I will see the rainbow.
.please pray that as I seek His comfort that I will remember that I do not walk alone and there is sunshine after the rain.
huggles me, Meme

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


this is Dogman on a bad hair day--LOL--on his chair with his blanket.

  • I had a nice quiet day and got some extra chores done

  • took some book give aways out to papa's work shop

  • and found this nice new little plastic cupboard

  • it has 3 drawers and about 30 inches high

  • so I put it together- not too hard but still had to learn

  • the process- and now it has all those little plastic

  • containers that I use for left-overs or lunches

  • thanks = papa hubby.

  • I like the way God leads me to little bits of joy-

  • this is so handy and has wheels so Meme can

  • have fun too-

  • then I walked down to our local celebrations

  • that was on from 2 to 7

  • it was geared to kids and it was fun to watch

  • them doing the wee races etc.

  • I only saw one lady that I knew---

  • I guess the old folks stayed home- LOL

  • it was a nice outing - I did not stay until

  • 7 p.m. as the music was not quite Meme style.

  • I am glad that I can come here

  • and talk to you on my good days and

  • my bad days.......

  • today was a good day :-)

  • and I will share a picture of Dogman as

  • I think I missed posting him here.
  • huggles me- Meme