Monday, June 22, 2009

Dogman's sin

I went out to his pee patch to scoop his poop- I was a few days behind which is ok as he has little poops--and goes to the same area which is private from walkers. And I discoverd that he had eaten a blue and white J clothe and pooped pieces out in his poop- there were big pieces and little pieces too and sigh-

I was so scared mad at him and me- I had forgot that he stole these in the old days so we quit using them. I had used a few half clothes for cleaning but only with vinegar and a little soap plus water in a spray bottle- because they are light they blow of the counter and he is such a scamp that he grabs and hides- We have disposed off any remaining clothes as I cannot let this happen again, and as Dogman has a short memory he will not remember the Meme tears.

I am praying that all of the clothe is pooped out now- it was some time last week when I used them and as I generally toss them away I did not notice anything missing- he does this with kleenex to so no one is allowed to blow a nose with out immediatley disposing of them in a deep garbage-I gave him the Meme talk and he wagged his tail laughing at me-He really did!!! -
sigh-hugs from Meme and Dogman wags


Terry said...

oh this is sad but oh so funny meme.
did you read at miss patty's last week that her daughter was making yeast cakes of some kind and her golden retriever ate it before it had risen?
it started rising in her stomach and so they had to take the doggie to the vet!
i hope that your little pooper will be all right!
betty's dogs used to eat tin foil and underpants!!
not a pretty sight meme!
i am sorry i laughed and hope that the little doggie will be all right and that everything "comes out" terry

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness Meme!Dogs are something else!Our daughter's dog got in our cat's litter box and ate some of his...well,you know.I love dogs but they can sure be little imps at times.Blessings~Sharon