Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When the time is right...

  • my bedroom is looking pretty cozy and meme like
  • there are many things in here that papa hubby gave me
  • and also things that we shared together...
  • papa was a tool man so he seldom had a lot of
  • his things in here- our closets are too small to
  • fit both on us in---so he used the spare room closet
  • and I used my/our room for my clothes-
  • the sweaters we shared were in his closet
  • so the closet did not require any changes-
  • I found one of his tools called a plainer(sp)
  • which is hand held and small so I am using it for
  • a book end. I like it as he used it often while
  • making his lots of DNA
  • I can still only do so much at a time and
  • only deal with certain things yet.
  • But I am moving forward step by step
  • because I know that is what papa hubby
  • asked me to do. He was very strong spoken that
  • the things he left behind are of this world
  • and that I am to take care of myself.
  • Because of my health I know that this house
  • is too much for me to deal with and that
  • I will have to move in a couple of years.
  • I know that I need to start the steps......
  • in order to be able to complete this
  • before I have to leave here.
  • It is sad to know that I will be letting
  • our home go but it is also exciting to know
  • that I can make a new home for Meme.
  • It takes time to remove the detachments of papa
  • hubby's things because it is hard to remind me
  • that these are now my things and if I keep them all
  • I am the one responsible.
  • The wonderful thing is that papa is not missing
  • his things- or noticing his things going- or wants his things to
  • be kept for him. I know that he has his treasures in heaven
  • from Jesus- no pain- no suffering- no tears- no sadness
  • and he is not alone- He is with his Lord and Savior who
  • taught us all to not store our treasures on earth
  • for they will rust and turn to dust.
  • God's treasures are eternal.
  • God will give me and you strength to do
  • what needs to be done when the time is right.
  • God is our time keeper.
  • Wait for the Lord..........Psalm 27:14


Sharon said...

What a beautiful post and lovely tribute to your dear husband.What a comforting post for any who have faced widowhood.Simply lovely Meme.~Sharon in Oregon

Linda said...

I'm divorced and had a lot of stress in my marrage, but I was still devistrated when it ended. It must be some comfort to you to be able to look back on your life together. I'm lifting you up in prayer and know that God has good things in store for you. It was a lovely post.

Diane said...

Oh sweet Meme, what a comforting and loving post! I am so sorry you will have to leave your home, but understand your concerns. Terry and I moved from our home about 2 1/2 years before he went home. We came to live in my MIL's house to care for her. She is now in an Assisted Living facility, but I remain in her house. I am having such a hard time decided which house to stay in. The last 2 1/2 years of Terry's life was here in this house; this is where he was when Jesus called him home. But, our house is where we had lived for 26 years before we came here. Our lives were entertwined into that house and that property. One day I want to stay here, the next I want to go back there. I've prayed and asked the Lord what He wanted. I believe, for the time being, He just wants me to be still and grieve and let time happen. There will be a time and a place for that decision to be made, but it's not now. Thank you so much for your encouragement. Your friendship is so precious to me. Have a blessed day.

Many hugs..........


Terry said...

dear are a comfort to those ladies that are going through the same sadness as you are experiencing.
i know nothing of this and so all i can do is pray for you and diane and crown of has been such a short time that your sweethearts left for terry