Sunday, June 7, 2009

that dear granddaughter

  • yesterday the grand daughter was off to see family on her birth
  • dad's side--sometimes I get confused so I do wonder how she keeps
  • every one in her mind.
  • she came home before mid night which means Oma was still
  • up and had not turned into a pumpkin--LOL.
  • now for some reason she kept tempting me away from
  • my room - but I kept coming back-
  • and she kept tempting me with things she needed or needed done
  • and as it was getting closer to midnight-
  • Oma finally fell for the
  • maid for a minute or two........
  • .Oma knows when to give
  • so off I went to do maid duty and
  • suddenly I hear strange noises in my room and as
  • noises are generally not found in my room and
  • as I have completed the maid for a minute job.....
  • (which took more minutes than I planned )
  • I return to discover my grand daughter standing
  • on a stool in a rather strange position
  • and in some danger according to Oma-- but I
  • look up to see that she had put some words
  • on my wall - all in fancy letters- first
  • done on a special machine and then put on
  • where ever one wants them to go and
  • well no, Oma did not cry......
  • I saved the tears for later......because this is what the words
  • say.....
  • these were the words that papa hubby always
  • closed the day with ......either tucking g'kids into bed
  • or going to his bed at night,
  • even the cancer could not take all the words
  • from him as he would struggle for breath
  • to finish.......
  • She has them displayed so that when I lay
  • down at night or wake up in the morning
  • I will see the words from his heart.
  • God bless my Miss Ashley


Terry said...

oh what treasured word meme and what a gem you have for a grand daughter and how clever she is!
you are truly terry

Mrs. Mac said...
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Mrs. Mac said...

my first attempt had to many typos ... here we go again

I just got a good does of 'Jesus bumps' from reading this post. You are blessed to have those words greeting you each day, blessed to be the wife of the one that breathed them, and again blessed to have such a tender hearted granddaughter showing her love to you.


Diane said...

How precious! Your granddaughter is truly 'GRAND'! What an extraordinarally sweet thing for her to do for you. I know it is precious to you to wake each morning and to fall asleep each night seeing your dear Papa Hubby's words.

Many hugs..........