Sunday, January 18, 2009

who is Meme?

who is Meme?
well, me of course but how did I get the name
when I was first on the net I just used my name - Marilyn
but then I went on a group of ladies where
there was another Marilyn
and this lady sent in jokes
that I did not want my name connected too
even by accident so I went to using Marilyn Christine
which worked somewhat but then folks
started to shorten my name to MC which
for me was not a good thing- but
being a pleasant sort of gal
I never corrected anyone or
told them I just did not want to be MC
now as you know ''our Miss Sidney
spent quite some time with papa and I
a few years ago while her mommy was working
and when ever Papa would call out''
who wants ice cream- Miss Sidney said
me and then I said
me-me --LOL
so after a while she would answer for me
and say me-me does too
and so I sort of adopted the name
by accident and finally became
assertive enough to ask the name
shorteners not to use MC but that they
could use meme--so I became Meme
here at my house I am now
the only one who calls me --meme
the g'kids call me Oma except Miss Sidney
who walks with her own beat of the drum and
calls me Nana
I did not even know there was a word for me-me
I just took it for me and left the dash out
now I know that meme means grandma
and also something else on the net
to do with questions or something of that sort
I did google in once upon a time
but memory of the meaning
passed away from my mind
Papa David called me Oma and honey and
many other sweet names
close to his time to leave
he always called me Oma or to the nurses
my wife who knows what I need--
he took new no pills
with out making them consult the wife
because I called papa --papa a lot
I did sign my name as papa's wife
as new folks were confused
thinking I meant my dad....
so that is sort of who I am now
Meme and you can call me that
any time you need too
as it really means to me- me too
and not age- it is an inter-net identity, of sorts
and saves typing for me and you
and you can call me Marilyn Christine too
but not MC although I would still answer
I hope I did not confuse anyone
and you will see this was a fun name
that took on my life as my own
and was all caused by eating ''ice-cream'
hugs from Meme aka Oma and Marilyn Christine

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Pauline said...

Hello Meme
I love the story behind your name - what lovely memories "O)

Love Pauline