Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mama and Scratch

  • I grew up on a farm which was always described
  • as out west.........(Alberta)
  • mama did all the baking
  • and we never saw a ''mix''
  • she baked all the bread for the week
  • at one time--usually 6 loaves and
  • a pan of buns and a pan of cinnamon buns
  • on birthdays I had a white cake
  • and brother Bill had a chocolate cake
  • and we always knew that we would
  • have a cake
  • mama did not bake cakes often
  • just birthdays including one for daddy
  • her sister- known as auntie Sis
  • baked one for her and we got together close to the day
  • birthdays were celebrated often of the sabbath
  • as the actual day was committed to the farm and the weather
  • she did make cookies - generally oatmeal with raisins but
  • never chocolate chips ............
  • and of course, all baking was done in a wood stove
  • she would stick her hand into the oven
  • and knew if the temperature was right
  • only certain wood was used when she baked
  • as some trees gave off a more steady heat
  • than others
  • and daddy always brought in the baking wood
  • which was kept away from the everyday cooking wood
  • even when mama got the electric stove
  • with the new house she still baked from scratch
  • she tried a few mixes but soon nixed that idea
  • claiming that they were not correct in texture ----etc
  • and she could bake cheaper with her own recipes
  • she often did make a ginger cake recipe
  • for a fine sabbath desert --
  • I wish I had more of her recipes but
  • they stayed in her head rather than on paper
  • she did collect recipes but generally stayed
  • with what she knew
  • I miss her special baking and I have
  • never tasted bread like hers......
  • hugs from Meme


Pauline said...

Hello Again Meme
I was reading your post about your mum's baking and you know what? Today I baked a sponge cake for my husband's birthday "O) and I go to thinking that I wish I had been "taught" more (or even have been more interested in being taught) recipes.
Sponges are notoriously hard to cook and women from yesteryear knew how to do it... I wish I knew someone that could pass on some tips to getting one of those really big fluffy cakes!!!
Love Pauline
PS Mine was great but not anything like the ones those old ladies could cook- not disrespect meant!

Pauline said...

PS please forgive my spelling errors!!! I should proof read my "hugs"!