Sunday, January 25, 2009


  • Our weather is warmer today than the last few days
  • the sun is shining in the kitchen
  • there is something comforting about seeing sun beams
  • and my house plants are happy too
  • I did not get to church as I slept in ......
  • I needed the rest as things have been
  • hard to do with our cold weather and
  • there is much that I need to do
  • to keep the home fires burning
  • I know that the Lord is resting my body
  • I am coming out of my deep sorrow
  • of grief now..........I feel joy again
  • and God is renewing my spirit and mind and body
  • I have a dear church that understands
  • and I know they hold me in their prayers
  • grief is hard- but I do have joy in my sorrow
  • papa hubby has been gone for 6 months now
  • and I have the promise of the Lord ------
  • that the Lord is my shepherd
  • In our journey the Lord was our shepherd
  • -
  • blessing to you
  • huggles from Meme

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