Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A NEW DAY.......

  • it is good to know that after the night
  • comes a new day
  • so often we carry our burdens
  • up and down and
  • back and forth
  • from day to day
  • and through the night
  • instead of putting them down
  • we all have burdens and
  • it is when we lay them
  • down that the Lord
  • can pick them up
  • when we try to hang on
  • and carry them alone
  • He can only wait.....
  • Lay your burdens down
  • and remember that tomorrow
  • will be a new day
  • for you to rejoice and be glad
  • Father, thank you for all You
  • have given me and for all that You
  • have not given to me
  • for all the good times I have had
  • and for all the good times to come
  • thank you, Amen

huggles Meme

1 comment:

Pauline said...

hello Meme
I just wanted to write and say what a gently lovely post. I dearly love the fact that each day is like a new beginning as a Christian. Some days it is such a ... relief "O)