Thursday, January 29, 2009

a blank post or not......

a blank post.....or not:-) I was trying to come up with something to write and nearly did not-- then I was still and heard this deep in my heart.....
For me, some days are still hard.....and just going from the morning ....(mourning) the night seems like a struggle-- but only on some days-
I know that you, Lord are with me on these days as well as the good days-

I saw a little story about a widow who never over came her tragedy of her loss-She let hardness enter her heart---she was always cynical and negative=She did become lonely and stayed looking in-ward until her death. She missed much to see and so much to do -so much to hear and so much to be- Lord, keep my mind stayed on Thee and let me not think of my sorrows as my score but my blessings instead-
It's the little thingsthat are daily----that are just there-- automatic blessings -hugs from Meme

Here is a little quote prayer- but author unknown
Dear Lord,
How I wish I had been kinder-----and more patient on this day.
How I wish I had been gentler,
Had a little less to say,
Mindful of regret and sorrow,
Teach me be wiser tomorrow.

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