Monday, January 5, 2009

sick leave

  • sorry I was unable to blog lately
  • as I was sick and tired
  • but now feeling like normal
  • will return soon==
  • I will just share with you
  • my other blog that I write
  • about life as a widow
  • and will be back soon
  • hugs Meme
  • ---------------------
    As I talk about my new year I must say
    that I am not talking of joy as the world sees joy and
    instead I am choosing to start restoring my
    I will still be in grief for papa hubby
    and I will still mourn
    and none of those blessed feelings I had/have for him will change
    I will simply follow the Lord 's timing
    in the restoration of joy that He has for me
    I know that the Lord needs me in a ministry
    for Him
    my ministry was in encouragement and
    cheerfulness of life
    and I do not feel that is to change
    at this time
    and so
    I need to start to rebuild my broken world
    no- it does not mean that Meme
    will be a party girl or
    be a pollyanna ( always looking at the bright side)
    or anything of the world's fake joy
    I know that it will be a struggle
    and some days I will fall down
    but I know who will pick me up again
    I know the Mastor's voice
    I will find joy in tears and in laughter
    like today....
    - I was using papa's flashlight
    that his friend gave a few years ago
    you shake it up and down
    and it gives you light
    and I noticed that it is called
    Eternity Flashlight and I was
    immediately reminded of where David is
    and also gave me a laugh when
    I realized he did not take with him-
    I think my restoring joy will be like
    the flashlight- it will need to be shaken
    up and down before it will work
    I found this little saying
    from an unknown author
    which I will share tonight
    Grief is not a mountain to be climbed,
    with the strong reaching the summit
    long before the weak.
    Grief is not an athletic event,
    with stop watches timing our progress.
    Grief is a walk through loss and pain
    with no competition and no time trials.
    double Hugs from Meme

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Pauline said...

So pleased that you are back! I have missed reading your blog! Sorry to hear that you were sick but pleased to hear that you are better. And I loved your writing... especially the part about the flash torch! It is amazing isn't it - the ways in which He reaches out to us even in the very very simple things!
Love to you