Friday, January 30, 2009


today I
fell back to sleep after morning tea
I like to have my first cup of tea in bed
this is a winter treat
so maybe another month and then
spring will at least peek in and I can drink
my tea outside
went through my books in bedroom today
when the Miss Ashley moved it--
she took over my spare room
so we just put things here and there
when she came....
and of course, after a while
here and there does look rather cluttered
and this and that gets lost--so
parred to books down too so I will have
a lot to take to the church
and I have to admit I did not do many
other practical things today---
got a paper cut- LOL
so have a band-age with a helicopter
on my finger-
Ashley and I had a knock up supper
which really did not increase our health
but our happiness
I am not doing as well as I thought
I would be by now - it is almost
as if I am waking up from a long dream
so I have too re-group
so thinking of early to bed
and early to rise and see
if I can get my days organized
and also work
in some vitamins etc-
I am miss eating and I know that....
I have a hiatus hernia
which is annoying me but is
being looked after by a specialist
I am suppose to graze and eat small small meals
but of course- I need to develop
this new habit
so I am asking prayer
that I will remember to take good care of me
I know that God wants me too and papa
would too....sigh
I need to come out of the fog
I appreciate your love and comments and prayers
hugs from Meme

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Debra said...

Hi Marilyn... I've been meaning to thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. Thank-you! :) I am sorry to read about your hernia...Please know more prayers are coming your way. Blessings, Debra