Sunday, January 11, 2009

help?for simple womansdaybook---

I would dearly love to do this lady's day book but I am not sure how to link to her on my sight- I put this link in now but not sure if I am doing this correctly so I will have wait and see what is what
if anyone knows how to do the link back please let me know--
hugs Meme


Pauline said...

Hi Meme
I just wanted to let you know that your link worked... in that when I clicked on it - I went to the page that you had mentioned on the Simple Woman's Daybook. I hope this helps???

Pauline said...

Then if you want your site left on her blog... scroll down to where there is a box that says "you're next" and it might already have your name... if not fill in your name and then... to get the link from your blog about your simple day... copy what is in the box at the top of your page/ screen for example it might be and then enter.
Well this sounds a little convoluted but I hope you have success and I look forward to "finding" you there "O)