Monday, January 12, 2009

not yet......

  • my head was all set to do the simple day book but
  • I keep feeling a check in my spirit
  • and after answering the list in my head
  • I realized that this is not the right time
  • I am not healed enough to consider tomorrow
  • or a whole week and/or even today
  • I know that sometimes I run far ahead
  • of the Lord
  • and fall into things that I am not ready for
  • so I decided to pray and I clearly feel
  • that I should wait.......
  • there will be a time but now it will be in His time
  • I know that the Lord wants me to be
  • an encouragement to women. wives, mothers
  • to help them be keepers of the home/family
  • because the most important business
  • in this world is the family... and
  • women need to stand beside each other
  • I know that I am a widow now but
  • I am still a mom and a grandma and friend
  • and I almost hate to say this--LOL
  • an older woman who can share encouragement
  • and if I can help other women
  • in their roles and their faith in God
  • then I need to be doing that first
  • I can have simple day blogs
  • at another time if the Lord is willing
  • for me to do them
  • and if through that arena I
  • can find a way to encourage
  • other women to be the best
  • of what God wants them to be
  • and not as society dictates
  • then God will show me the right
  • time and the right thing to do
  • --------------------------------------------
  • well, must be off of here now
  • as I have to check out the kitchen
  • etc etc-
  • this almost sounds like a
  • sound-off (smile ) but it is not meant
  • to be such and
  • it is from my heart
  • hugs Memeakaoma

1 comment:

Pauline said...

hello Meme
thank you for your lovely comment about my memorisation and I do hope you have an opportunity to take it up again - it really is a huge blessing.
Also I had a similar feeling when I read about the day blog. I thought, "wow! I would love to do that" and although I didn't "feel" that the Lord was saying no, I just didn't feel it was the right time either "O)
Thank you for letting us all know and I love to read your little posts here. They are like a soothing balm to my oft busy hectic days! Quiet and peaceful you are on your blog and I can just linger there a moment enjoying the serenity that you bring. May God continue to use you in the way He has planned "O)