Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I wrote this for the g' kids a few years ago-- it needs to be re-written some day and proof done but sometimes I just like to leave things alone until the right time--LOL- part of the reason is this is part of the way I talk so would sound more Meme like to them- and that is my story and I am sticking to it
When we were kids on the farm when ever we wanted to get somewhere we walked. My Aunt always called walking “ going by Shank’s pony.” The nearest neighbors who had kids our age usually lived about a mile and a half away. Arrangements would be made through the parents after church or school and the day picked out by them. Of course, the day depended on the weather but as a rule we were able to go. Daddy was a good weather man and seemed to always know if the day was going to stay nice.We would leave generally after dinner and maybe because we nagged mama about leaving sooner we could take a sandwich to eat on the way- We took our cold drinks in glass jars. When we were finished drinking we hid the jars with care in a ditch- Then on the way home we would pick them up to carry home. Jars were valuable and expected to be returned in one piece. In all those years and all the trips I don’t remember Bill and I ever breaking or loosing a jar. Traveling on the way to our friends was quick and fun as we were excited to see our friends . We knew we would have a lot of games to play . It never occurred to us to ask Daddy to drive us as gas was reserved for working the fields and other farm business. The business from the farm was taking the cream and eggs to town once a week.We nearly always had a good time and there were few arguments at our friend's house. We played outside and the other mother would send us on our way home at the right time. She knew how long it would take for us to walk home in order to be there on time. There were no phones to check in with or beg to be allowed to stay longer.. We usually left with a cookie or two to fortify our return trip.It was a slower walk home as we were usually tired from a hard day’s play. We knew how to make games up to play on the way home and to help make the walk go by faster. We always got home safely and generally on time. We knew it was wrong and unkind to worry our parents. One rule we had was we were not to take a short cut across any one’s field- In the spring , there would most likely be some one’s bull stored there. Bulls in the spring time do not care what color you are wearing- LOL-Then as summer progressed it was either a grain crop or hay field . Good manners as farmers, kept us from trampling through the neighbor's crop.And if we stayed on the path the neighbors could watch for us coming and going and mama would be watching for our return. -Sometimes mama would have time to walk part way and meet us. She was ready to hear any news the neighbor lady sent via us. Bill and I never got lost as we knew the safe way to go. We walked on the right side of the road which was/is the left side . Cars would slow down when they passed us and we always waved. We did not get to go often as we were needed on the farm for chores. Daddy had the fields to work and mama the garden and we had daily chores that had to be done.
God has a path for us to follow and we need to walk on the path that He has prepared for us. He has given us Christian friends to watch out for us and parents and teachers. We can not follow directions when the map is closed. We have the bible to show us the way but we have to open it and read.And there are no safe shortcuts to take.If we open our hearts and our Bibles we will find the right direction.Isaiah 28:10 says “A rule here, a rule there. A little lesson here, a little lesson there.
When we have a listening heart we will be on the right road. We will get home safe and on time. We will know what the rules are to keep us on the safe path. -huggles me, Meme

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Pauline said...

ooohhh what a lovely story. I hope your grandchildren love it!!!