Monday, January 19, 2009

tears in my heart

  • God seems to have a mission me that I really do not want
  • I am sure am not the first person to say this
  • when God gives a burden of the heart
  • ------------------------
  • I just keep finding blogs with folks who
  • have cancer and it breaks my heart
  • I thought when papa hubby died that
  • I would be cancer free
  • I can only give prayers but some how
  • some days that does not seem enough
  • I know when papa was here we
  • always talked about how he lived with cancer
  • but really the fact was -that he was dying
  • and yet I remember how much hope
  • we had and I do not think our hope
  • was in vain because our hope
  • was in the Lord
  • now I pray for others to have that hope
  • because although papa did not remain
  • here with us
  • he is with the Lord which is his gain
  • and so I pray and give others
  • my tears
  • because even with my tears
  • I still have hope
  • I know
  • that the Lord is my shepherd
  • I remember how many days
  • that was all we had to cling too
  • that was our hope.....
  • so cancer did not win

hugs and prayers from Meme who understands the hope of cancer

1 comment:

Pauline said...

I pray that the Lord will give you the strength to do what He needs you to "O)
Love Pauline