Thursday, April 30, 2009

Meme skipping

Meme is skipping.....
alas- not exercising but skipping the Internet
my hours seem to be short this last week or two
and it is not the weather of spring yet
we have had some snow nearly every day
so our spring chores are delayed
and I am not accomplishing a lot but I
am content to do next to nothing
for a while
on Tuesday I stayed in jammies and bed with tea and crackers
and the dog and had a nice rest
napped and channel changed=
it was of good of papa hubby to leave the remote here--LOL
I am feeling like the stone of grief has moved from my heart
and although the grief is there I can see light -
I laugh more now and I am seeing pieces of Meme
coming back.....I know that papa hubby would want that
his name is no longer on the member list at church because
he moved on--
that was a big step for me to realize that he has no earthly
cares and pain and grief- and he left so much joy behind
plus a lot wood and rocks and saws and tools and magazines
and his model cars and so on and so on
and precious memories-
I was thinking of one tale
tonight which I will share soon and
we can laugh together=
How good God is............
sharing a unknown author's thoughts

''the Lord is my shepherd,
my Father and friend
He comforts me in loneliness
His kindness knows no end-
He fills my home with memories
and quiet thoughts to keep,
He fills my heart with hope
and joy and peace...
as I face the world again --
hugs from Meme


Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute, and message of your healing. Take the time you need to get over your sorrow. And keep cherishing the memories. They are a gift!

Diane said...

I am so happy you're taking some time to rest and relax. Grief is an exhausting process. It makes my heart glad to know that you are beginning to feel a sense of recovery in your own time of grief. My heart and my prayers are with you and will look forward to the time you're able to return!

Many hugs..........


Crown of Beauty said...

Thank you for visiting. I went over to your blog place and read a few of your previous posts. Looking forward to getting to know you more.

I saw what you wrote in one of your January blogs, and I like it very much:

Grief is not a mountain to be climbed,
with the strong reaching the summit
long before the weak.
Grief is not an athletic event,
with stop watches timing our progress.
Grief is a walk through loss and pain
with no competition and no time trials.

How true. There is no short cut to grief. God is our comfort.