Tuesday, April 21, 2009

checking in....

I am getting behind on blogging
but I have been enjoying the fresh air and sunshine
I am doing ok
I did not think I would ever be ok again
but I am.......the grief is quiet for now
I remember when our kids were little and how
at the age of two they would want to be to independent
but every once in a while they would suddenly cling
to us even if they knew we were just leaving the room
and would return.....
and trying to untangle a two year old who has decided
to hang on to a leg was no small feat- and I remember
how I would bend down and pick them up and hold
them and reassure them that mama loved them and would
not go away -
and that is how this grief is----I know Jesus is with me
but sometimes I have to just hang on to Him for dear life
as if He was going to leave the room with out me and He
does bend down and pick me up and hold me and love me
and reassure me- that He is my comforter and shepherd
and we will go or not go together..........
He loves me and you......and that is enough for me-
have a wonder week and I will try to report in with
a tale or two--
hugs from Meme


Diane said...

I love this comparison! I am so much like that, especially now. I cling to Jesus as if I will surely disentegrate emotionally if I dare let go! I am so thankful the Lord holds on me to so closely that I don't have to worry myself because He will never let me go and I'll never have to walk alone!

Thank you for this beautiful reminder of how loving and merciful our Lord is!

Have a great week and enjoy the peace.

Many hugs...........


Raggedy Girl said...

God bless you and keep you.

Roberta Anne, the Raggedy Girl

Andrea said...

Meme, you are a wonderful woman, one is very special to God. He, indeed, has you in His arms and will not let you go. Much love & prayer to you.