Monday, May 4, 2009

spring in our yard

yesterday and today were good weather days here and so
we began to clean up the yard and do spring chores
Miss Ashley and I did a lot of work and the boy who is
a friend lent us a hand but I must say we are much more
intent- he is a good helper for lifting and watching_LOL
we did a lot and we both sure missed papa hubby here
we trimed trees and raked leaves and cleaned - and cleaned
I am a year behind as last spring papa was our priority-
it was nice working together and discussing papa memories
the church misses him a lot too
as he did the yard work there too
but I will not be able to take over that job
Miss Ashley did plant some flower seeds but I think she is
rushing Alberta weather- but this is how she learns and there is
always a chance that we will not get a spring snow in May--LOL
she also topped some of the trees that papa planted when a
grand child was born - so we have a few
she is strong- Oma could hardly pick up the trimmers but she
did a good job- and would have passed papa's inspection -
the boy who is a friend and the future husband
made supper and burned it and burned it--LOL
smoke and smoke and more smoke
we ate it anyway as we workers were hungry
but a tough frying pan mess- sigh- he used two so
we still have two frying pans soaking -
I think one should not cook if there is a hockey game on TV
but every thing will come out in the wash and the smoke
has disapated so we do not run into one and other -LOL
good night, all--happy spring
hugs from Meme aka Oma


Diane said...

It sounds like you had a really good day getting things done outside. Bless his heart, the friend tried, didn't he?! I'm so glad you sound like you're feeling better. Have a great week.

Many hugs.........


Mrs. Mac said...

You must be good and tired from the spring clean up. Thanks for your little visits to "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf" and my other blog "Whatever Happened To" ... we have so much to be thankful each day we draw a breath. May the Lord give you the strength to find your way as you take each day one step at a time.

If it comforts you, we have a mess in our yard from the winter too ;)