Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the Sliver

  • today Miss Ashley got a sliver in her hand-(she is dear grand daughter-19- who lives full time with Oma now due to family issues )
  • Now papa hubby was the doctor hug in our house- he dealt with the blood and bruises and slivers and the tears- Oma was back up...........
  • Miss Ashley broke down and cried and cried for her papa - she would not let Oma help except to listen - she needed papa- I got her supplies- needle and tweezers and kleenex
  • she did get it out on her own with many tears- it was not the pain of the sliver that made tears but that papa was not there to do it or comfort her........but I am so proud of her as she worked both the sliver and the tears out-
  • it is important for her to cry also - she was a blessing to her papa in his cancer journey
  • she was here for him from the first day and did not shy away from helping him- she even cut his hair for him and lifted him in bed for comfort and the last night before his home
  • coming she held his eyes open for his to see- his muscles were too weak - she just knew what to do and he would always thank her - she knew he wanted to see us and she knew how long to hold them open and then let them rest- it gave papa a rather surprised look and we all had a memory making laugh-
  • the nurses were surprised that a teen age girl would spend so much time with him and do careful caring things for him- she taught them a lot about love .........
  • so you- see- the sliver was more than a sliver- it was a memory -
  • she is fine now and we both talked about papa being safe from slivers in his eternal life-
  • huggles from Meme who is still learning.....

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Diane said...

God bless Ashley! It is those small things that just really take you down! The little moments you shared with your loved one that no one else can quite fulfill. I know it broke your heart to see her hurting. I'm so happy the two of you had that time together to remember your dear hubby and share your pain. As they say, a pain shared is half as painful and a joy shared is twice as joyful. I continue to pray for you and Ashley and your entire family. I so understand your pain.

Many hugs...........