Monday, April 13, 2009

I cannot walk alone.........

  • I thought that I could manage my grief by this time- but thoughts of mine
  • are not the Lords- His thoughts and plans are good for me and my future
  • and so He guides me in the grief- I do not know where I am at except past the
  • beginning - I thought I could run away from the grief and I thought I could
  • walk alone in the grief- but I can do neither
  • I had a opinion that some how grief effected my relationship or walk
  • with the Lord- I thought that I should have it all together by now but I
  • did not trust in Lord's timing........
  • I can say that the grief is less painful and more joyful
  • I know- it is hard to understand this joy.........but as I miss the world
  • that I had - I see a new world opening for me- a world with out papa hubby
  • but a world with memories of him as husband- father- papa -
  • Papa hubby has gone to his new home and the Lord is preparing a place
  • for me also but until He takes me home
  • I must put my trust in Him and follow what ever path He leads me on-
  • I believe that grief will always be a part of our walk because grief is
  • a result of love-
  • so some days I will come with tears and some days I will come
  • with laughter
  • but my friends- I will come because I cannot walk this journey
  • alone and I know that the Lord is leading to touch the hearts of
  • others - friends are gifts from God
  • and while I am talking and walking my/our
  • Lord is my shepherd
  • He will not leave me alone
  • and He will not leave you alone
  • hugs from Meme


Pauline said...

Dear Meme

This was such a lovely and moving post. I really appreciate your wisdom. I have been thinking a lot lately about what it is all about because when that question is answered everything else seems to fall into place. A lot like putting God first in your day- other things fall into their rightful place.
There is still a LONG way to go for all of us in our learning but it is so nice when you can share with others, friends, like you said "O)
Blessings to you Meme
Love Pauline

Diane said...

I cannot tell you how much it has helped me to find your blog. It feels so good to be able to read about your journey and know that I am not alone, neither am I abnormal for the way I feel. Losing my husband has been the most profoundly painful thing that has ever happened to me. I have struggled with every aspect of my life since that dark January morning when Jesus called him home. I still struggle, but I no longer feel so isolated in that struggle. I am praying for you, Meme.

Many hugs..................