Sunday, April 5, 2009

coffee blessing

before papa hubby became sick in December of 2007
we would have a special coffee time
together each day- French vanilla instant cappuccino-
it was sort of like a date-
it was a nice time of day for us to just share this and that--
after he came home from the hospital with cancer
we still had our coffee once a day-
papa David was not able to drink the whole cup anymore but he loved
the bubbles (foam) and I would share my bubbles with him-
even his last few days he was able to have his bubbles
but unable to drink the coffee
as he had difficulty swallowing.
after he passed away when I went to the store they were out
of our coffee---
there were other brands but this was the special brand that
he and I enjoyed together
it has been out of stock since last Augest-
and today when I was with Ashley we found some-
yes- the same brand and the same price :-)
I came home and it was so nice to sit down and enjoy
a cup of our coffee and also tell Ashley the bubble story
it was a happy memory and I enjoyed the coffee
and even though, he is not here to share the bubbles
I had a blessing in the heart-


Raggedy Girl said...

You are a sweet lady. I love to read your lovely posts. I have a friend named Diane who just lost her hubby and wondered if you could go visit her blog...she would love you so much.


Have A Wonderful Day
from Roberta Anne

Andrea said...

What a precious memory. It so touches my heart. God is so good to give us very special times with our loved ones from which we later draw happiness and strength. God bless you today.