Monday, April 27, 2009

the me in Meme

  • some little things about me that I may have told before
  • but they are worth telling again :-)
  • 1./ I love colored socks- any color but the brighter the better
  • I do have one pair of white socks but only wear them in case
  • of an emergency--
  • 2./ I like sugar in my tea- unless it is strong tea that someone makes- I
  • generally like my tea medium - I go by the color- LOL
  • 3./ I am skinny as a bean pole and have always been on the thin side
  • daddy was slim as well as his sister- my brother weights twice what I
  • weigh but he is taller and he weighs 200 pounds
  • 4./now you know that I have one brother - mom and dad are gone - I have 2
  • daughters and 6 grandchildren
  • 5./ I was born in the same town that I live now-
  • but I was raised on a farm out west- not quite the wild west but close and
  • I live in Alberta, Canada and have never been out of Canada-
  • 6./I have been a christian since 1987 and have never looked back- the old
  • life is gone and I am a new creation- The Lord is my shepherd.

that is all folks for this time- hugs from Meme


Anonymous said...

What a lovely meme - thank you for sharing it! I have two sisters who still live in the town they grew up in, but I have always been a bit of a nomad and have moved around.

Diane said...

I too still live in the general area I was born and raised in. Lived in other neighboring counties briefly after we married, but came home after a couple of years away. I am very family oriented. Thank you for sharing personal info about yourself. I am so thankful we met! Have a good day!

Many hugs..............


Andrea said...

Meme, you are a wonderful woman of faith! I enjoyed your post, and it's nice to learn more about you.

I love socks, too! I am not thin, but wish the Lord had made me so.

I have never been to Canada, but have for some time, longed to visit.

Take care. May the Lord bless you and keep you today, and fill you with His rich peace.

In Christ,