Friday, April 10, 2009

pretty blogs ---------

  • just enjoying so many pretty blogs and noticing how artistic many of you are
  • I debated the fine art of making a pretty blog
  • but so far my artistic side is plain and simple
  • next fall I may take a course in shining up my blog
  • a few ladies on some blogs have offered to help me
  • I am a slow learner right now - so decided- to wait...
  • I need to go back to my normal writing one day soon
  • so far my mind thinks mostly in points or bullets--
  • and commas and capitals have gone south-
  • I am having a harder time getting back to
  • who I was
  • it is almost as if I cannot remember who I was
  • I was a part of a whole - but not a half- together the two of us
  • made one and now I do not know how to go back
  • but I know that the Lord who made us two into one
  • loves me in what ever state of a fraction I am-
  • He will put the pieces together again
  • and I will be whole again
  • the nights are not so long now
  • and the days have more sunshine
  • spring has sprung--
  • have a wonderful week end
  • keep walking with the King
  • He loved us enough to die for you and me
  • and He has risen- He has risen, indeed!
  • hugs from Meme


Raggedy Girl said...

I just wanted to stop by and wish you a really Blessed Happy Easter.

from Roberta Anne
The Raggedy Girl

Sharon said...

Just stopping by to wish you a lovely and blessed Easter - may you find many beautiful things to bring you peace and a smile and to remind you that He is risen - and some day we will be too! Hugs, Sharon @ Come for Tea

Pauline said...

Hello Meme
Happy Easter from Australia too "O) We have been away at the coast for a few days and I have yet to catch up on my computer stuff "O)Lovely to read your posts again too. Things are starting to get "cooler" here (you know - like low 20 degrees!!) And I am pleased that things are looking more cheerful and springlike both in your internal and external days "O)
Much love Pauline

Andrea said...

Meme, you are a blessing to me! I enjoy your blog, and I'm thankful for you. You are inspiring. So, thank you for your sweet place.

I hope you had a happy, blessed Easter.

In His Love,