Thursday, April 16, 2009


  • this morning I was having one of those "" why""" moments
  • why God?
  • why papa hubby?
  • why me?
  • and then I heard that small quiet voice
  • that we all can hear when we listen with our heart
  • and then I knew that all the crys
  • of my heart have been answered
  • that God was in control
  • that God was right
  • and that God so loved papa David
  • that He gave his beloved and only son so
  • that David did not perish but has everlasting life-
  • and this afternoon I was sitting on the balcony
  • with Dogman on his loveseat (yes, Dogman has
  • his own loveseat outside too)
  • and the sun was shining on us
  • and the breeze was warm
  • and the world was silent
  • and all was well with my soul.
  • I had peace beyond understanding
  • He is my shelter from the storm-
  • hugs from Meme


Diane said...

Oh, Meme, I long for the day when I can really enjoy that peace. The Lord comes to me, He speaks to me and it does bring comfort, but I suppose my grief is yet too fresh to describe it as relief. I am so happy for the wonderful day you had. God bless you sweetie!

Many hugs............


byhisgracealone said...

this post is precious. I just wanted to give you a cyber hug and am praying God's peace and continued blessings over you...


Mrs. Mac said...

I'm drifting over from The Sisterhood of The Traveling Scarf blog to tell you you are not alone. May God give your heart comfort each day anew as you listen to His voice. Thanks for visiting and commenting with 'the sisters'.


Terry said...

dear meme...
i was just at the sisterhood blog and mrs. mac told us to come and pay you a i did!
i have read your comments over at the blog and they are always kind ones.
are you going to join the sisters of the traveling scarf?
don't be like me..just jump in.
i dragged my feet so long and felisol and donna and mrs. mac had asked me...oh perish the thought if i hadn't of joined at last!!
these sisters are one good group of friends to have..
i really hope you come and not just be a follower but one of the terry