Saturday, March 28, 2009

I found a blessing-------

while continuing to clean out things in the house,
I found a 2 lovely pictures of Papa David Hubby-
-that were taken in 1966 the spring before I met him-
I did not know he had these pictures with his box of stuff..
.I am so happy that I am ''high''--LOL-

they are so precious and I will take them down this week
and make copies for the girls-
-as they do not have pictures that old or before us or them---
--he was so handsome-- and cute and--------blond.
I was a bit shallow at that time as I was so young-
like just barely 18(that summer)
-so I went out with him for his looks and his car--LO
Land love came to stay with us-
and we were married in October--(1966).

I have been cleaning odds and ends in the house
for a couple of years now-
a day here and a day there
*going through all those boxes where one tends to stuff things for later.........
...and these were in one of papa hubby's evelopes that he kept special things-
I never went into his things before his death as
we were very respective of each other's private things--
---he was the same with me.
it has taken me about 2 years to get where I am
( cleaning things we gathered over the years but knew we were keeping )--
and I found 10 dollars too
so that will help pay for the pictures to give the girls copies-
I want to do them for Easter gifts----
-what a family blessing!--
hugs from Meme


Debra said...

Thanks so much for your encouraging birthday wishes a couple weeks ago. I appreciated them!. I'm still getting over the shock of turning 50 but I think I will be fine. :) Love your Easter idea! Blessings, Debra

Sharon said...

What a wonderful bit of Lagniappe! I'm glad your treasure find brought you smiles and "giddyness"! Sharing the pictures with the girls with copies at Easter will also share the happiness. Have a blessed week - hugs from Sharon