Sunday, August 2, 2009

quiet blog world

  • it must be summer fun time as the blog world is quiet
  • and I am quiet too-
  • I am on a cleaning spree??
  • that is on the days that it is not too hot here
  • I did find another fan yesterday
  • half price too which really helps
  • we did have a horrid storm here yesterday
  • no damage at my house but alas
  • further north of our town
  • one person was killed when a stage collapsed
  • it does make on think about how our life is
  • a short span and makes me think how I
  • want to live the rest of my days
  • I did join this ladies little blog to have
  • some fun while organizing my house

It is a good thing for Meme to do and maybe some of you will enjoy

following also-

have a great day= and hug some one today-


Melinda said...

Welcome to the Organizing Challenge! So glad you decided to join in! I think it's going to be a fun and productive week!

Terry said...

dear meme...i know i should be organizing my house but i better get caught up with some blogging too..ha!
it is still tuesday for two hours here, so i had better put in a ruby tuesday...i really did try yesterday but i just had no energy.
i do now because of your encouaging post i read just a short time are precious to me my friend..
i will have to check your other blogs terry