Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a friendship kit

  • found this little idea on the net a while ago and was
  • thinking of making mine up to share
  • so I will share the directions with you
  • rubber-bands to hold friends close
  • tissues to dry a tear
  • recipes to make and share
  • stationary to stay in touch
  • bible verses to express God's love
  • prayers to keep your friend in mind
  • a pencil to journal the heart in
  • a note book with lines
  • put all in a cloth bag to avoid carbon footprints

have fun and Meme will see you soon-

1 comment:

Terry said...

this is so nice meme!
i like the idea about the rubber bands...you know why?
because they will streth and allow you to squeeze more friends in and i bless the day that you ever squeezed me in as a friend...i surely do!!
love terry