Sunday, July 26, 2009


  • Here I am-------

  • I took last week off from most things

  • including the blogs

  • last week was a nice but bitter sweet time

  • July 21 was papa David's graduation date for eternal life

  • July 23 was his earth birthday- he would have been 70

  • July 25 was his memorial date for his funeral

  • so it was a week of memories

  • I did put a ''in loving memory- piece in our local paper

  • I did it for me to help in healing the tendar scars

  • I know he is fine and worshipping his Lord

  • and

  • we have had a heat wave and

  • living in Alberta means we do not have air conditioners

  • as we only need one about 1 week a year...

  • so I have been getting up early to do chores

  • and then resting and reading in my room

  • I do not tolerate sun shine and high temps well

  • I am not used to it so it saps me dry

  • but I know winter is coming- again so I

  • appreciate the hot days now

  • blessings to you all and I will be back in gear asap

huggles from Meme

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