Tuesday, August 4, 2009

cool and wet day

  • summer feels like it is over for us already
  • we were cool enough to put the furnace on
  • long enough to cheer up the house
  • it does keep the thunder storms at bay
  • and so the rain is simple.....
  • I had a rather easy day here
  • I could have put more into it but
  • I didn't have any ''must do today '' projects
  • I did clean out my closet - and found
  • a few things that can leave the building
  • with my tummy being so bad I am
  • finding a lot of clothes I can not longer wear
  • they are just too painful and so I don't bother
  • I hope I never become a half naked lady
  • even elastic pants hurt me- and forget the metal button jeans
  • I am debating on skirts but need to be warm
  • so if anyone has ideas that would help
  • me be fully clothed and warm and still be a lady
  • please let me know--------
  • I wish we could find some cotton dresses here
  • Meme is going to have to find a new wardrobe
  • that is suitable for a tom-girl-
  • take care and keep hugging your loved ones
  • I miss papa hubby's hugs
  • huggles from Meme


Diane said...

OH, I so understand your closing statement. I often think "If only I could feel his arms around me just once more"! I think perhaps we will never stop missing that, Meme. We shared those hugs for too many years to ever be okay without them; and that in and of itself is okay.

Since I also have a lot of tummy issues and often bloat to twice my normal size or more, I often wear the active pants that are some sort of polyester knit and have very wide elastic waistbands. I always check the elastic to make sure it isn't too sturdy so it won't hurt my tummy. I also wear very loose fitting tops. When I'm bloated, I cannot stand any sort of pressure on my tummy. Blair.com has some nice looking knit pants with small elastic waists that fit very comfortably and don't hug too tightly for me. They're very reasonably priced and offer a wide variety of colors.

Praying you have a good day and feel comforted by your memories of your precious papa hubby.

Many hugs............


Pauline said...

Hello Meme!!
Well, I have been away from the blog world of reading (especially) of late and I have really missed reading your posts! So here I am - it is winter here in Australia so I don't have any excuse (blush)!
Sorry to hear that you are feeling so sad and lonely and I really and truly pray that Jesus would make you feel loved and cared for in His special way.
I will also pray about your tummy- I have no suggetions about dress though I am sorry!
Well, if I lived about a million miles closer I would be happy to give you a hug but it will have to be one of those virtual ones (((HUGS)))

Love in Christ

Terry said...

dear meme...that is way too sad that you and diane don't have those special hugs anymore...i don't even know what to say about that.
i think that you would look really pretty in skirts.
i find it was so hard to find pretty dresses this year at the stores..even at zellers or wal-mart.
i guess i will have to go to goodwill maybe, eh?
meme..you and diane are always giving everyone such great hugs..i just wish that i could give you two a real good hug...love terry