Saturday, August 22, 2009

My week ----------

  • I must say that this week did zip by quickly
  • even though I was alone most of the time
  • Miss Ashley went to visit other grandma and
  • was blessed by going to see the ''Lion King.
  • she enjoyed it and just her and grandma went.
  • she did come yesterday for a shower and a briefing
  • LOL and now has gone to take care of her sisters
  • for the week end
  • so Dogman and I have had to keep ourselves busy
  • and off the street.
  • the weather has been nice and we had a few storms
  • pass by but left no damage behind.
  • I am learning the art of loneliness and
  • how one must keep on getting up and
  • going forward. I must say that getting up
  • is easy but staying up takes discipline.
  • Dogman does not drag enough dirt into the house
  • or dirty many dishes so I have to find other ways
  • to improve our day and keep our minds stayed
  • on following the Shepherd.
  • Now it is Saturday night and we are both watching
  • the cooking channel when ever the curse (f) is not on-
  • I just cannot see how using one word over and over
  • adds to our entertainment. Nor does it have any teaching value.
  • I admit too that most of those recipes
  • they so cheerful show us are not recipes I will use
  • nor will my kitchen ever look so glamorous nor
  • will some one set out all the ingredients pre-measured
  • in those pretty little dishes so I can bake the perfect
  • pie or cake. Calorie free too.
  • But they are fun to watch and dream about.
  • Of course, being me I do find many other things
  • to keep me busy.
  • I am off now to check the doors and send Dogman
  • to his pee patch.
  • Have a wonder week end and hug some one
  • and spread some smiles.
  • The Lord is my Shepherd!
  • huggles from Meme


Terry said...

dear week passed too fast!
this week we had a funeral to attend. the man was a very dear friend in the church.
bernie and i made about 75 cds. we put on to the cd mr. tries's testimony and on the cover i deigned, i put his picture and his favourite verse..."him that cometh to me, i will in no wise cast out." john 6:37.
he was saved through this verse in 1992. for a few years he had been, with his dear wife, listening every day to vernon magee..
then when he came to special gospel meetings that we were having in niagara falls, he was saved.
he and his wife are such sweet christians and mr. tries will be missed.
i am going to see if i can put the mp3 on my side links but i really must get caught up with you and some others.
my brother, teddy and his wife are visiting for a week from iowa.
teddy is getting weaker, he has the same disease that i have but he seems to be a lot worse off than i am..
well god bless you and that little dog man..what would you ever do without the little guy dear meme?
love terry

Terry said...

dear meme...i miss you.
i hope everything is terry

Terry said...

dear meme..i have emailed you but maybe they didn't get through.
i hope that you are all right.
the internet is so quiet the last few days...take care of yourself now, with god's terry