Monday, August 3, 2009

Meme's hope

  • a while ago I started a blog called Joy and Hope Road
  • where I planned to post of my pictures and tell the story
  • as I remember( it) that goes with the photo---------
  • and of course, I promptly forgot
  • but now that Miss Ashley helped me down load
  • most of my photos and I am learning to take more-
  • I can get on with it------
  • and also I am writing another blog called
  • Lessons from a clutter Princess
  • this is a fun blog written-- with some laughter and tears
  • and also to be read with
  • with a grain of salt and a dash of pepper
  • so why??
  • Because I am worn down and sick from grief
  • so I need something to do to turn me around
  • and I like writing even though I can never
  • remember the commas and periods.........
  • and I will write the princess blog in rough
  • and then of course, essentially clean it up
  • (re all those punctuations that I miss)
  • and publish it for my daughters and grand daughters=
  • I have to start leaving my grief behind as
  • I can not keep focus on it now--I am too tired'''
  • and my grief is becoming unhealthy
  • I would grieve hard and forever if
  • it would bring back papa to me-
  • My love for him is eternal but
  • my grief is not...........I have nothing left to give to grief-
  • I will wonder from blog to blog and if you
  • check my dashboard- it will take you right there.
  • I hope that you will take a look and see
  • and that some of my words will encourage you.

hugs from Meme


Diane said...

Oh dear Meme, I so well understand what you are saying! The grief becomes a tricky character, taking all your time and energy and all while pretending to be your friend when in reality, it is so much the opposite and is draining you of all energy and leaving you empty and feeling hopeless.

As you say, we are not hopeless! Our Lord rules over all and we can trust Him to raise us up out of the pits of our despair.

I am so happy to be able to be back. I always enjoy your writing so very much. I look forward to checking out your other blogs.

Many hugs.....


Terry said...

dear meme...i am glad that my hands are feeling better and that i can check out your new blog that your dear grandaughter encouraged you to go on with!
you are a gem and so is she! terry