Sunday, August 2, 2009

looking for my friends

  • I am going to take a peek and see what you are all up too
  • I know that it is really too nice to be blogging
  • right now- we have storms and it is late
  • but I am waiting for Miss Sidney to go to bed
  • she has one half hour to go........
  • I am hoping we keep our power on as she is not
  • a pioneer type of kid- LOL
  • I have a surprise to share with you tomorrow
  • and also have some chores to do
  • so it may be late when I get here again-
  • now I am off to read your doings
  • summer hugs from Meme

1 comment:

Terry said...

dear put me to shame!
i have a lot of chores to do too and yet i never get at them!!
you are a good girl!
i won't tell bernie how good though because he might be getting after me to be more energetic!!..ha! terry