Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I need to catch up...

  • here I am reading and summering and forgot that I should be writing too
  • we have had nice weather but did have major storm warnings tonight
  • but where ever the storm was - it did not pass by here.
  • The kids are great ones for the weather channel
  • and they find it hard to believe that Meme
  • does it the old fashioned way--
  • I look out the window-LOL
  • I have to admit too that I have been sluffing off the chores
  • for another day.
  • I have not gone to any lakes this year or sunny beaches
  • I remember we would take the kids and then the g'kids
  • to different lakes close by and let them run about
  • in the sand and in some cases dip toes into the water.
  • Where did we get the energy ?
  • Miss Sidney was here for an over night
  • and just watching her move about
  • made me tired.
  • She has gone camping now for two nights
  • This is her first big ''away from home"" trip
  • She comes here often but coming here is just like
  • being at home.
  • She has crayons and paper and books and toys
  • to scatter around.
  • so now Meme has shared a tale: I will go to bed
  • huggles

1 comment:

Terry said...

dear meme...when we were in calgary on our trip, it was kind of hard getting used to sleeping in bed for the three days that we stayed there.
we were so used to camping.
we loved it! cooking in the outdoors, fighting off the misquitoes!
and sleeping in the tent and the smallest little rain drops falling on the tent during the night.
i must say too that when we were in calgary, we went to some nice restaurants and put on some pounds...not a pretty sight! terry