Saturday, August 15, 2009

no plans

  • alas I did not want to get up this morning as I was thinking I had nothing to do-
  • now that is a silly thought for an old woman but as a habit
  • I usually plan out things in my head the night before
  • of a few things I must do or could do
  • but forgot to think things out which means I convinced myself
  • of a lazy day------ha!
  • but I did get up and soon saw there were things to do
  • the sun was shining after a 2 days of rain so I knew
  • I could weed------that is the best time as weeds come up
  • root and all-- and of course, there are always a few house
  • chores jumping out of the sink or the laundry hamper
  • I also walked down to the library and stopped off at a store
  • I only spent a quarter-- LOL
  • but had a chat with one lady friend
  • then the kids came and the kids went
  • and I did have a nap- quite unintentional as I was
  • watching the news but cuddled in a blanket
  • as I was cool as even though the sun shone
  • it was a cool day outside and in........
  • I am doing ok here- soon fall will be here and
  • all the church activities will return
  • there is not much to go to in this town
  • that does not include alcohol -
  • I decided when papa hubby died that I
  • would not compromise my beliefs because
  • I am lonely-
  • summer times does seem the time to be lonely
  • (my widow friends agree as they too miss the church action)
  • ----if you are a christian widow so many folks
  • are coming and going and most regular programs
  • take a leave of absence
  • I do walk every day which is good for me
  • but shopping is again hard as we do not have
  • many stores.......the windows do not change too often-
  • but I will continue this journey
  • depending on the Lord as the
  • Lord is my shepherd.

1 comment:

Terry said...

hi meme...i was going to write you a few days ago and sorry i didn't!
i have had a few days of pain in the back and so i finally took my felisol's advise and made a doctor appointment and even though it won't be until thursday, i am actually feeling good this evening and now i am writing you!
it may be cool in albeta but it is nice and hot here in welland.
i love it because as you say, fall will soon be upon us!
i guess that while bernie and i were out west, that it rained almost every day in welland!
ha! we told grampa yade that bernie and i brought back the nice weather back with us!
i am happy that you found so much to do meme.
i think that this post of yours has encouraged me to stop feeling sorry for myself and to get cracking and get some of my dear blogger friends posts read and commented on!
hmm...maybe THAT is why i am feeling so much better...just because of your happy attitude!

did you get the letters that i emailed you during the time i was away?...i hope terry