Sunday, September 6, 2009

I am ok,,,,,,,

  • I am ok but tired and weary
  • and also have found a health issue
  • about 4 weeks ago I noticed a lump on my lower neck
  • and in a few days it got bigger so
  • off to the doctor
  • so far I have had x rays
  • and then blood tests
  • and then ultra sound
  • and now on the 21 of Sept. I will have a biopsy
  • I feel ok about this but being so tired
  • this has added to my load
  • I am keeping the faith and
  • just trying to take things one day at a time
  • the tummy is still an issue and that appointment
  • is not until October 8
  • I have been eating better as I want to be strong
  • for the biopsy ( it is a lymph node)
  • so I just have to try to overcome the stomach pain
  • but as we all know
  • when one has chronic pain
  • it does take a lot of energy to keep
  • going and going=
  • I will be back soon
  • I just to weary to think out tales
  • loads of love
  • and huggles
  • from Meme


Linda said...

Sorry your not well. I'm praying for you. Linda

Sharon said...

Dear Meme - I am glad you are getting this taken care of! I pray it is just infection of the gland, or a "stone" (blocked duct that can be removed.) Stay strong!
Hugs from Sharon @ comefortea

Pauline said...

Hi Meme! Haven't been reading blogs of late or leaving comments. I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling the best and I will be praying that your doctors appointments are all in the Lord's hands!
Blessings to you

Terry said...

dear meme,
i just knew that there was something wrong and i am so sorry to hear about this.
i just wonder why it is that some of god's dear people have more trials than some.
i really think it must be that people like you He has so much confidence in and trusts you so much that you will carry this load and accept his loving help!
you are certainly a treasure to Him meme and a treasure to glad to hear from you terry

Ps...i will be praying real hard along with linda, sharon and pauline!
diane will be back this week and will probably be here too....