Wednesday, May 20, 2009


  • I had a wonderful birthday yesterday.
  • both daughters called---
  • my brother called me and I received
  • many many emails and I know a snail mail
  • is coming soon too---
  • and friends brought us over supper
  • and although they could not stay
  • for supper they had time for a visit-
  • so it was a very good day for Meme
  • I was blessed to write the ''Birthday Story''.
  • even though it was bittersweet
  • it was a day I wanted to share-
  • as my gift to you.
  • last year this time there was no time
  • to write the story and the timing was not right.
  • weather wise we had rain and sleet and snow and gray skies
  • and then after supper a blue sky with some sunshine-and -clouds.
  • it reminded me of this new journey-----
  • that I am on.....we got through the weather yesterday
  • and I will get through this journey -
  • blue skies peeking through among the gray-
  • sometimes rain and sometimes sun.
  • all the things I need to grow.
  • now Meme has overdone for her age-
  • and I need to have an early rest tonight.
  • Thank you for the wonderful greetings and
  • for your gifts of prayer and encouragement
  • that you have blessed me with this last year.
  • hugs from Meme


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Meme! I am so happy that you had a good day!
And thank you so much for your kind and generous comment. I will get back to you soon!

Pauline said...

Happy birthday for the other day Meme!! I am so pleased that you had a wonderful day... I am off to read your birthday story now "O)

Have a wonderful day "O) and a restful sleep too- you sound as though you need it!!

Diane said...

I am so thankful you had such a lovely day. What thoughtful friends to bring your supper for you! Yes, this journey is sometimes dark and sad, but others when you see just the slightest ray of hope peeking through and causing joy in your soul. May your days be foyful as you continue learning to walk without your precious papa hubby.

Many hugs.........


Terry said...

dear meme...i am so glad that your day was happy...may the lord bless you as you start another terry

ps...i hope the letter i sent to you didn't get lost in cyberspace somewhere!
can you let me know?.