Tuesday, May 5, 2009

jammie day

  • Meme had a jammie day which is another way of saying I did not
  • want to get all dressed up with no place to go----
  • every once and a while and some times more often
  • I just putter about doing the chores in my jammies
  • they are quite cosy and comfortable and respectable too
  • I had planned on having a do nothing day until
  • I made the mistake of entering the doom room
  • which translated is the room where Miss Ashley resides
  • I decided to check under the clothes and see if the rug
  • was still there and then I did the Oma thing
  • Oma-s can do these things that mothers should never do
  • I did her laundry- as a gift to her
  • she was sad today and went to work sad
  • due to some family issues and because it is better
  • for Oma- to say less sometimes I decided to give
  • her the gift of clean laundry---
  • I also freshened her blankets by tossing them into
  • the dryer with that vanilla smell she so loves-
  • the things that made her sad did work out partly
  • but not enough to heal her hurts
  • and we just have to continue to pray
  • for her and them - she comes from a split home
  • back ground and is often stuck in the middle
  • of problems which belong to others who should know better-
  • I do not do these things for her
  • often but I felt that it was a
  • cheerio that she needed at this time
  • --she was still quite emotionally needy tonight
  • but has settled now in her clean bed
  • and oh yes, the rug is still there--LOL-
  • pray for her heart to be healed as she has
  • been broken for so long
  • hugs from Meme


Anonymous said...

What a lovely Oma she has! Lucky girl. I also pray that her heart will soon mend. And I also love jammie days!

Diane said...

I love jammie days! And, it sounds like you had a lovely one. I am so sorry Ashley has such a sad heart. My prayers are with her. What a lovely thing you did for her. How precious you are Meme! Thank you for visiting my place and for leaving such precious comments. Our journey is difficult, but I am learning that the Lord Jesus has a plan for me and I'm trusting Him to reveal that plan in His time. Have a great day Meme!

Many hugs.........


Terry said...

dear meme,
thanks so much for your visit to my blog..
i didn't even know you were from alberta..really a nice province almost as nice as my beloved manitoba!..ha!
we have a brother and a sister in law living in calgary.
i am sorry if i might have said the wrong thing in my last comment and i hope i didn't hurt your feelings
thanks again for your kind words on my blog....

oma aka meme said...

Terry- you blessed my heart and soon I will be scrafing too- LOL
hugs Meme