Friday, May 15, 2009

end of the week

  • times seems to fly by when one is not feeling well
  • but I did accomplish a lot of little things this week
  • ran into things of papa hubby's again
  • and it always a hard decision to decide
  • what to do with his things-
  • do I toss it?
  • do I keep it?
  • do I sell it?
  • do I give it away?
  • and I find things of mine too
  • but the decision is easier
  • because it does not hold old memories
  • Papa always had a vision
  • to use what ever he kept
  • some day was a day of the week
  • to papa--LOL
  • and he did make some great things.....
  • he just had that kind of imagination.......
  • I have started my crocheting again
  • found the crochet cotton I forgot I had..
  • this is a nice red - and - I am just doing
  • a granny square table cloth--it will be about
  • 33 by 33 as that fits my table
  • that I want to put it one...
  • it is a little over half done and I will have enough
  • to do one more- and I plan to use it(them)
  • in any season as Christmas is all year
  • in my heart...the next one I make I
  • will attempt a pattern but my
  • right side brain is not working with
  • the left side yet...
  • grief not only steals your joy many days
  • but it also steals your rememberer--
  • I discovered today that I am one day
  • younger than I thought--LOL
  • I thought my birthday was this coming Monday
  • but it is really this coming Tuesday-
  • I will write a birthday tale from last year
  • on my birthday-----
  • stay tuned because it is a good story
  • that I have not told yet--
  • Meme must go now
  • and I will be back-
  • big canadian hugs from Meme


Pauline said...

I do hope that you are feeling better now! And what a joy to read your gentle words about your rememberer "O) I truly feel blessed when I read your words Meme, and I am looking forward to hearing your birthday story "O)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Tuesday!!!

Love to you

Terry said...

you will write the poem meme and i will celebrate your birhtday on ruby tuesday! for it, eh?
love terry