Monday, May 18, 2009

sunshine adventure

  • Miss Ashley got out papa hubby's big sander today
  • and worked on a old
  • bench we have on our front lawn-
  • the sander is bigger that she is- well, almost
  • but she tried hard and did well
  • another day we will paid it---
  • when I was watching her I could see that she was
  • taking what she remembered papa doing...........
  • we have to put on some new sand paper -
  • once we find it-
  • she knew to use the wire brush first to take off
  • the loose flakes of paint etc-before sanding
  • she did not finish but she will.....
  • she is quite possessive of papa's shop
  • and only wants me or her in it yet-
  • but she will grow as she fiddles with his things
  • and Oma aka Meme will watch and
  • bite her tongue and pray-
  • other than safety measures I do not comment ---
  • I oiled our board walk that is beside the house
  • it is quite a job and something papa hubby always
  • did but I watched him too ---
  • and it looks fine now that it is done
  • = the oil is to protect it from the rain
  • and snow - papa made it for me to put my flower
  • boxes on etc-
  • speaking of snow - we were promised some tonight-
  • and where was the boy who is a friend??!
  • while Miss Ashley and I did our papa things
  • sitting on the front step watching us--LOL
  • and this is a good lesson to teach us adults
  • that children do watch what we do..even
  • when we think they are not-----and so
  • I am glad that the things Miss Ashley
  • watched her papa grandpa do were
  • good things--
  • saw this wee blessing in a old book
  • and I want to share it with you---
  • A prayer for you is said today
  • May the love of God ever with you stay;
  • Where ever you are-
  • What ever you do-
  • May the blessinig of God rest on you.
  • hugs from Meme


Terry said...

hi meme,
i know that it is pretty late at night, but i had such a good refreshing sleep from four until ten thirty that i am not tired and just wanted to come and see you and thank you for your encouragement
i feel a whole let better than the last few days.
and i am looking forward to your birthday!
i really must start at the beginning of your blog and read so that i can see who,miss ashley is and some of the other people you have mentioned are.
you have been a blessing to me terry

Diane said...

I love reading your posts about Miss Ashley. I am so thankful she has you and had papa grandpa in her life. What a blessing for you to have her with you now to help fill the empty hours. Life does, indeed, go on. I am so thankful for friends like you to help me through these difficult times. God is so good to me, every day is filled with new and wonderful gifts from Him.

Many hugs.........


Pauline said...

Sure sounds like you had a busy and productive day there Meme in the sunshine. So pleased that your granddaughter was there to help you out "O) and that you could see the rich blessing her granddad left with her "O)
Love to you