Wednesday, May 6, 2009

book club day

  • today was our monthly book club at the library
  • where a bunch of us get together and giggle
  • and sometimes discuss the book and it does not
  • matter if we have read it or not-
  • we do not take ourselves or the books seriously
  • and have tea and fun and chat
  • this is one of the few things that papa hubby
  • and I did not do together- it open to men
  • and women but so far no men have stayed
  • beyond the first meeting --LOL
  • none of us can imagine why?!
  • it was good to get out and giggle about
  • life and things and eat cookies with no calories
  • I did settle last night after writing my blog
  • writing things out helps me to rest my mind
  • Miss Ashley cut Dogman's hair with the clippers
  • but he will not let her/me do his legs so he
  • looks rather funny- he usually looks like
  • a cross between a feather duster and a mop
  • and now he looks like he is wearing leggings
  • she gave him a shower too and then we
  • left him alone for another day...
  • we chatted about how we miss telling
  • papa hubby these things of every day life
  • and I find when I write my papa stories
  • that I loose a little drop of pain---
  • have a wonder night and I am going shopping
  • with a friend tomorrow so if I do not come in
  • tomorrow-- look for me at the local wal-mart
  • and remember that:
  • ''''Neither death, nor life, nor angels,nor rulers, nor
  • things to come........will be able to separate us from the
  • love of God. Romans 8:38-39


Diane said...

I'm so thankful you had a day of fellowship with friends. It's so nice to laugh once in a while. Enjoy your shopping trip!

Many hugs.........


Anonymous said...

It feels so good to be out and about giggling with others,doesn't it? I am happy that you had a nice day.